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5 of the World's Most Uber-Luxurious Suites for millionaire couples

luxury hotel
luxury hotel
Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images

Celebrities as well as millionaires have high expectations from the hotels they choose to spend their vacations. Gone are the days when 5 star hotels were considered a luxury. 6 star hotels are now being opened in most parts of the world. While all of them offer great comfort and top notch services, some have uber-luxurious suites that go beyond our power of imagination. The kind of luxury and décor these suites provide make their guests feel like members of the royal family. Here are the top 5 suites of the world according to – an exclusivist millionaire matcher.

Ty Warner Penthouse at Four Seasons Hotel in New York
New York is a fascinating, but quite expensive destination. Ty Warner Penthouse is certainly the best accommodation the Big Apple has to offer. This uber-luxurious suite stretches itself on a 4,300 square foot ground. The view from its windows and terrace is not bad as you can directly see Central Park from there along with the Manhattan Skyline. The penthouse has provides the ultimate luxury a hotel can offer. You will certainly find the gold and silver decorate rooms to your taste. MillionaireMatch guests also mentioned the services of a personal butler and a driver. With the kind of comfort you get here, you might find yourself in a dilemma: whether to step out of this heaven or not. This New York top suite is certainly not for everyone as it comes at $35,000 a night.

Royal Penthouse at Hotel President Wilson in Geneva
A night in the Royal Penthouse will cost $65,000, but it comes with a lot of amazing perks. This 18,000 square foot suite offers a stunning view over Lake Geneva and unlimited royal room service. If you are planning to book this suite at Hotel President Wilson, you should know that you will have 12 rooms and an entire floor at your disposal and that your name will be listed along with many of the world’s VIPs including Bill Clinton, Saudi Arabia’s king, Bill Gates, Tony Blair and Michael Jackson.

Royal Villa at Grand Resort Lagonissi in Athens
At $50,000 a night, Grand Resort Lagonissi’s Royal Villa is basically the definition of luxury. The suite comes with a personal chef and a butler. You can enjoy your stay and take a dip in the heated pool at your disposal whenever you feel like. The bedrooms offer great views over the Aegean Sea and you will have also a pianist available to keep your stay smooth and melodious.

Presidential Suite at Raj Palace Hotel in Jaipur
Located in the pink city of Jaipur, the Presidential Suite costs $45,000 a night, but it really treats you like a king, also known as Maharaja in India. You would not find any bigger rooms in Asia and you will have 4 rooms to yourself. The furniture and decoration of the Presidential Suite are also quite unique depicting how kings used to live.

Two Story Sky Villa at Palms Resort in Las Vegas
Could this list end without mentioning an uber-luxurious suite in Vegas? Sin City has plenty to offer when it comes to luxury accommodation. The Two Story Sky Villa at Palms Resort is up for grabs for $40,000 a night. This place is most suited for rock stars and sport celebrities. After all, this is where Tiger Woods went to celebrate his divorce. It comes with a swimming pool and some of the most amazing views over the city.

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