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5 Nutrient Dense Foods

1. Green vegetables - Try to eat a variety of green vegetables each week. Start with collard greens, kale, cabbage, bok choy, broccoli, chard, and eventually venture to new & different veggies that you've never tried before. Get adventurous! Green leafy veggies are loaded with cancer fighting nutrients like phytochemicals, vitamin C, and K, magnesium, potassium, and calcium.

2. Sea food - Sea food is a healthy protein, and provides lots of healthy omega-3 fats, and iodine which is a very important nutrient to maintain health. Try to add different types of seafood to your diet eat week: sea weed, tuna, salmon, cod, mussels, oysters, shrimp, fish eggs, tilapia.

3. Green juices - I usually stick to just vegetables so that I'm not adding extra sugar from fruit. I will also eat some sort of fat to balance out the vegetable juices natural sugars. With my juice I will eat a raw egg, take may cod liver oil, and/or take a couple table spoons of coconut milk etc. Vegetable juices are an amazing way to pack an enormousness amount of nutrients in a small cup.

Think of these green juices as your daily multi-vitamin. I will usually juice 8-10 oz of celery or cucumber as a base, and then add either: cabbage, parsley, cilantro, cranberries, kale, fennel, chard, lemon, lime.

4. Fermented foods - Fermented foods have been around since...literally forever... haha. They say that even our caveman ancestors were probably eating fermented foods that they found on the ground as they hunted and gathered. The biggest gift that fermented foods give us is there wonderful bacteria. Cultured foods are packed full of these tiny healthy microbes that inoculate our digestive tracts, and keep us vibrant and healthy.

5. Organ meats - No I did not grow up on organ meats, so yes, they took some getting used to because the texture is a bit different than ground beef and chicken, but with that said organ meats will make an amazing contribution to your health. They are vitamin powerhouses, and should definitely be taken advantage of. Organ meats are eaten all around the world, and are consider a typical food for many traditional cultures.

Whenever I make organ meats my mom and I will fight over who will get to finish the left overs in the following days. I try to switch it up every week between liver, thymus glad, spleen, brain, and heart, kidney. Oh yeah, and did I mention, they are higher than any other foods in vitamin B, D and vitamin A, and also loaded with high quality amino acids, COQ10, chromium, zinc, copper, and choline. Now you can see why when I make this for my friends, and family we fight over the last couple of pieces.

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