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5 Nifty ways to job search for those over 50

  1. First, forget your age and focus on your passions. You have lived and have achieved. At this point, you do know what types of things you enjoy doing, the types of things you do well and the kinds of things that you are passionate about. Find your niche in this whole wide world and figure out how you fit into it. Focus your energy on finding your place. Get help from the occupational outlook handbook, the department of labor job and career centers and organizations focused on senior employment and retraining programs in your city. You have a place, just figure out how you fit.
  2. Focus your strengths to appear relevant. Over fifty seems fly when you are connected and using facebook, twitter, instagram and are showcasing your professionals selves on LinkedIn and other social media sites related to your career interests. For those who have professionally recognized credentials such as accounting, engineering, coaching, teaching, or truck driving and are still interested in those career fields, look for ways to serve in the profession in an abbreviated manner or in an executive manner. Depending on your needs to work full of part time, you can focus your strengths to showcase your experiences, knowledge and ability to help companies solve their problems. Start a blog, contribute to discussion boards and/or answer questions to industry related question and answer sites found on social media.If by chance, you are not familiar with how to use social media, check out free or low cost classes held are area libraries, via urban league, local community colleges, Salvation Army Center and Goodwill Career Solution Centers.
  3. Formulate your career documents truthfully, honestly but focusing on successes. Be sure to explain the challenge in your major duties, the actions that you and your team took to achieve the results! We call this the CAR story method of demonstrating your skills on your resume. Use your judgment in describing your career progression and list those attributes that you bring to the profession. If you are looking to downsize your skills and responsibilities and duties in your next job, focus your resume on jobs that are more downsized like Customer Service, Office Administrator, Receptionist, Greeter, Account Representative, etc. In this instance, focus your resume on basic career success standards such as:

- customer service

- problem solving

- working in a team

- working independently

- working with people of diversity

- answering questions

- solving problems strategically

If you are seeking higher paying jobs, especially executive positions, focus on CAR Stories, STAR stories and your professional results. Be sure to match your resume with industry standards for your profession.

4. Fight off the urge to put your high school year, name and city and state on your resume. Certainly you have participated in trainings, attending college or earned advanced degrees that should be placed on your resume in lieu of your high school information. It's customary to leave off dates if over 50. Dates are not as important as your ability to help companies meet their goals.

5. Figure out how to be seen as relevant if you are over 50 or under 50 for that matter. You are indeed a subject matter expert and can offer much good to the workforce. Learn how to get the attention of hiring managers with savvy explanations on career related documents such as resumes, cover letters, one page websites and communications via twitter, facebook and linkedin. Show how you are relevant and learn how to network effectively to strike recruiters and hiring managers attention. There are free and low cost webinars that speak to these issues offered every day !

We do hope that this article is helpful for you. Please take a look at this video, Jobs For 50+, from Tory Johnson.

What are some other successes that you have found that work for you as a job seeker over 50? Please email and share with me

Debra Ann Matthews of Let Me Write It For You: Job-Winning Resumes and Career Services would like to answer any additional questions for you. She can be found on linkedin at or via FB at or on her website at

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