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5 New Year's resolutions for creative writers

Writers need solid New Year's resolutions, too.
Writers need solid New Year's resolutions, too., by subscription

As 2010 gains momentum, writers are sure to have made some resolutions. And often times, those resolutions will simultaneously lose momentum as the year goes on. Whatever your goal, though, the following 5 resolutions are simple enough to stick to. Some are long term, some daily, but either way, they’re a sure-fire way to keep your craft in tune for 2010.

Write something every day

This one's easy. Every day, simply take 10 minutes to write something - anything - whether you feel like it or not. It doesn't even matter what it is. It could be a part of an in-the-works novel, perhaps a flash fiction piece, or maybe even a letter to a friend. The point of this easy-to-keep resolution is that the writer keeps herself warmed up, all the time. It could be a morning thing, maybe an exercise to do before bed each night. Either way, write something every day. And if the exercise runs longer than 10 minutes, well then great!

Write a good query letter

Having a solid query letter is an important weapon for any aspiring author. Agents and publishers won't even look at a fantastic, unsolicited manuscript if the query letter is lackluster. Of course, this may not apply to every writer, but anyone serious in a career in any type of creative writing will find this paramount to success. Don't necessarily work on it every day; just plan on having it done by the end of the year (sooner if you want to get published faster, of course). Allowing time to perfect something so important will clearly show in the quality of the letter.

Write a new short story out of the comfort zone

This applies to all creative writers - even you poets out there. Take some time to venture out of the norm. If you tend to write genre fiction, try stepping out and writing literary fiction, or even a fictionalized memoir. If you lean more towards non-fiction-type writing (memoirs, essays, etc), try out a romance or mystery. These kinds of exercises can be fun and challenging, not to mention how great they are for forcing the writer to step out of the proverbial box.

Write a different kind of poem

Poems can be great inspiration for writers in all arenas, as dealing with vivid imagery and concrete language is never a bad idea for novelists and story-writers. If poetry is already your forte, try out a couple of different formats this year. Try sonnets, language poems, haikus, and so forth. The idea behind this resolution is the same as the previous.

Put together a list of agents/publishers

Again, this may not apply to some writers who already have an agent or publisher, or course. But for those writers out there who have yet to be published - and want to be - get a hold of a Writer's Market (newest edition) and put together a list of places you plan to submit to this year. Set your own deadlines for what you want to have accomplished, too, in order to stay focused.

Good luck to you creative writers out there in 2010! Remember, most importantly, to write every day.


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