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5 must-haves most single ladies probably never thought to have

5 must-haves that you probably didn't think you needed. Number 5 is a must!
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Thanks to Beyoncé, single ladies all over the world have an anthem they can turn to when being single is feeling less glamorous than it should be.

Being a single woman shouldn't be a negative thing. It's a time in every woman's life where we discover how to make ourselves happy solo so we know what it takes for others to add to our happiness

During your freedom-a-thon, do make sure to have these 5 must-haves so that your single living is just a bit more fun and exciting.

An online dating profile

Hey, it’s 2014 which means there are options besides meeting someone at a bar or banking on your cute co-worker asking you out. Online dating sites like the popular and are around for single ladies like you. Let’s set aside preconceived ideas of the hypothetical weirdo sitting on the other side of the screen ogling over your photo. There are many quality men signed up with these online dating sites waiting for a lady like you.

Back to your photo: make sure it’s a good one. No selfies with a shot of your phone in the photo. Turn the phone around or have a friend take the photo for you. A great online photo makes an awesome first impression. Also, make sure you smile. In a study that was mentioned in an article published on the Woman's Journal, most of the participants in the study found smiling women more attractive than women wearing makeup. Lastly, if you’re going to take the photo at home, make sure your background looks presentable. And let’s pick another area besides the bathroom.

A library card

This must-have may seem like odd but hear (or read) me out. You’re going to have lonely nights and weekends when all of your friends are busy or you might get snowed in. With the weather we’ve been having in New York, being snowed in isn’t hard to imagine. Instead of spending your solo time curled up on the couch watching “Sex and the City" episodes for the one millionth and one time, why not pull out a steamy romance novel or suspenseful mystery.

If you’re single, you want to make sure you are saving your money for better things. I’m not saying books are a waste of money, but if you can get one for free why not take advantage? The library is an excellent source for great reads and all you have to do is go there and check one out if you have a library card.

Plus, if you are on the market for a new guy, you probably want one who’s smart. What better way to bump into a cutie who has a good head on his shoulders than to do so at a library. If you’re stumped on how to spark a conversation if you happen to see said guy, ask him for his recommendation on a really good book.

A reliable vibrator

Let’s have big girl talk here, okay? As a single lady, you’re going to have moments when you’re feeling in the mood or just need a release. I’m sure this isn’t news to you. Instead of calling up an ex or hooking up with someone you have very little in common with, call on the help of a trusty vibrator. One of the most reliable and worth your while toys comes from the geniuses at We-Vibe and their solo vibrator the Touch. This purple gem gives you the best of both worlds. it’s small (it's the size of a bar of soap) and it's powerful! It only takes 90 minutes to fully charge. My recommendation is a combination of the echo and medium modes on the Touch. What really makes it great is that it’s wireless which means no plugs needed to get it started and it is rechargeable. That means you don’t need to steal the batteries from your remote! Now you could always use your digits but you won’t have as much fun without the Touch, I promise.

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Good girlfriends...and one guy pal

What would the single life or (life itself) be like without some great girlfriends? They’re there for advice, they’re most honest and when you need support they'll be there with a box of tissues and a new bottle of white wine. As a single woman who is dating, you’re going to come across some frogs – that’s if you don’t follow the fifth must-have but a little on that in a moment. You’re going to need the help of your friends to reassure you that everything will be okay.

Try to have a mix of friends who are single and coupled up. Those in relationships can give you useful advice and can even hook you up with their beau’s friends.

And don’t just limit your friends to just the girls. Guy friends are also essential because they can give you VIP access into the thinking of a man. Because the two of you have a friendly relationship, he won’t have a problem with being honest about a guy’s thoughts. Be careful now – your platonic friendship can easily turn into something romantic, which is fine. Just make sure that you two are on the same page in regards to the boundaries of your friendship (if you decide to have any) or else the lines can get blurred really fast.

An 'ideal' list

Your ideal list is an important asset in your dating life. The ideal list is a list of qualities that you would like a potential mate to have. Even if you aren’t looking to get into a relationship and are just enjoying the dating life, knowing what type of guy you want in your presence could save you a lot of bad dates and could even lead to having a great guy pal. So, you’re probably wondering what should go on an ideal list. To that I say it’s up to you! This is like a Build-A-Bear workshop for us grown women.

What I would suggest is that you focus more on personality traits, educational background, and ambitions to name a few. If you focus too much on vanity, you could find yourself stuck with a guy who looks exactly the way you want him to look but has the personality of a wet cotton ball.

Have fun with this. You are essentially attracting into your life the man of your dreams so really pour yourself into this fun single girl activity. You could even invite a few of your good girlfriends over and share your lists with each other. And if you happen to find a guy who has just one thing on your list but you like him anyway, don’t let that deter you from giving him a chance. One is definitely better than none.

What do you think? Are there any must-haves I've missed that you think a single lady should have in her kit? Let's talk in the comments!

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