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5 Must Have Android Apps for Your Next Business Meeting

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For many business men and women, the typical work day and week is filled with meetings, conferences, and other events. , When added to fulfilling the mandatory daily duties and assignments, sitting in on these meetings often leaves little time for pre-event preparation. Fortunately, for users with Android phones, technology is on your side. With applications and a suite of helpful tools designed specifically for these mobile devices, you have the ability to schedule meetings, prepare for presentations, and quickly retrieve information during your next conference call.

Meeting Apps

There are several high-quality applications available on the market that sync with your Android device and that will help plan your next meeting:

1. Meeting Pad: The Meeting Pad is one app that offers all the bells and whistles. It contains a wide range of features and functions designed to make the meeting planning and preparation process much easier. The Meeting Pad comes in handy during the event in several ways. First, it allows you to store multiple to-do lists to stay focused and set the agenda. It also contains seating plans so that you can input the names of everyone at your meeting and remember their names. The Meeting Pad also lets you send and receive email to anyone in attendance within seconds.

2. Awesome Note: True to its name, this application is awesome, and wows those who use it. As with Meeting Pad, Awesome Note will not leave you wanting for more when it comes to features and options. The Awesome Note app contains a calendar, a notebook, and has places where you can store To-Do lists. It allows you to schedule meetings and appointments, and contains plenty of data storage space for storing electronic files. Although it has many features, this app is quite easy to use, which makes it quite popular.

Conferencing Made Easy

When you sit down for a conference call with your co-workers and clients, you have little time for discussion and action. Therefore, you want to make the most of the time you do have.

3. UberConference: For users of Android, conference call with UberConference is quick and easy. With the UberConference app, you can select who you want to invite from a list, and invite them with the touch of a button. During the conference, this app gives you useful features as moderator, including the ability to mute as well as hang-up settings. Finally, the UberConference app lets you connect with your audience via social media, which may make the conference more focused and entertaining for all.

Preparing for Presentations

Whether you are presenting for a large audience or just for your co-workers, you need to be on your toes and look pulled together. Just as you can use applications for other aspects of corporate life, you can also use them to facilitate making presentations.

4. Grafio Life: If organization is not your strongest suit, this app can help. When you are getting ready to make a speech or presentation, disorganization can make you feel more frazzled and overwhelmed. With Grafio Life app, you can store all the files and presentation material you need in one small, hand-held device. This app contains a program that lets you draw diagrams, create charts, and create and store slides for presentations. These features can be stored and accessed at a moment’s notice when you take the stage.

5. Join.Me: This app is great for storing information that you can retrieve at the touch of a button. It lets you pull up facts and figures in split seconds, as well as design and store presentation slides, to which you can add your personal notes. Join.Me also lets you share your presentation screen with the audience, which allows them become more engaged, thus, giving you control over the presentation. In addition to containing useful features, it is free to download.

Preparing for a big corporate function is stressful enough. When you need to be on top of your game at a meeting, presentation, or on a conference call, a little help goes a long way. For Android users, help is just an app away. With these tools, your daily business routine becomes much easier.

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