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5 Moves That Will Get You Killer Arms – Guaranteed

Win arm wrestling tournaments with killer arms
Win arm wrestling tournaments with killer arms

From Shannon Clark, Certified AFLCA Personal Trainer at

Looking to get a strong, shapely set of arms? If so, you need to make sure that you have the right combination of exercises in place to get the job done.

Along with a proper diet plan to help you bring your body fat levels down to a reasonable level for muscle definition, the workout program you use will help add strength, shapely size, and help boost self-confidence as well.

Let’s walk you through five terrific moves that are going to earn top marks for arm toning and help you look your best when you don a sleeveless shirt this coming summer season.

Triangle Push-Ups

The regular push-up move is excellent for firming your entire arm region as well as your chest muscle, but the triangle push-up will take things up a notch. By placing the hands in the triangle position, you’re going to ensure you’re hitting your tricep muscles, adding that horseshoe look that signifies someone who has obtained a maximum fitness level.

Expert Tip: As you do this move, make sure you lower yourself all the way to the ground for optimal results.

Bent Over Rows

Next, consider bent over rows. Bent over rows are perfect for bicep toning as well as for back building, and will help hit many muscles in the upper body.

Expert Tip: As you do this one, make sure that you are not using momentum to hoist the weight upwards, but using just muscular force generated from the back and arms.

Lateral Raise Drop Set

A lateral raise drop set is a perfect way to build up a ‘capped’ look with your shoulders, adding muscle definition like you’ve never seen before.

A drop set is very effective for bringing out more fatigue with the shoulders, taking your strength gains to a whole new level.

Perform a standard set of lateral raises, drop the weight by five pounds, and then do a second and third set, dropping another five pounds.

Expert Tip: Do this towards the end of the workout as it will create a very high dose of fatigue.

Tricep Press Down

Moving along, don’t overlook the tricep press down either. For firm triceps that help to really give that overall fit look to your upper body, this is a great move to use.

As you do this exercise, make sure you squeeze ever so slightly at the bottom of the move. That will help place more tension on the muscle, enhancing your look. Pause as you squeeze and then let the arms move back up to the starting position once again.

Reverse Fly

Finally the reverse fly is a great shoulder builder that will help you keep your shoulders pulled back, giving you a confident look. When doing this one, really focus on using just your rear delts to direct the movement pattern.

Expert Tip: Many people will make the error of calling their traps into place as they do this exercise, rendering it less than effective.

So there you have some of the best arm builders to help improve your look. Remember that you should always be starting with your compound exercises first in any workout routine and then moving to more isolated movements after that. By doing so, you’ll have the most total strength and force behind you while doing your main moves, while bringing the muscles to a full state of fatigue as you move to the isolated moves.

Aim to do these exercises twice per week, making sure you have at least one day off between sessions.

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