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5 Most Recommended Insect and Bug Control Products in USA

When it comes to bug control products there are a dime a dozen in the market, each one claiming to be better than the other. That being said, some of the products are genuinely more effective than the others and there is a reason why they are so popular. In this article we profile the 5 most popular and recommended bug and insect control products in the USA. Most of the ratings are based on reviews over the web and overall ratings. The idea is to provide a guide that can help in choosing the right product for the right bug to eliminate.

The insect and bug control market is full of products that are available and target a certain kind of insect family. While some products are more versatile, i.e. they tend to be more effective on more than one insect type, there are others that are specific when it comes to what kind of bug family they can eliminate.

Eventually the product chosen depends upon the kind of insect and bug that one is trying to get rid of but here are some products that are universally accepted as being high quality and reasonably effective on all fronts they claim.

Delta Dust Insecticide:

Delta dust, as claimed by the manufacturer is the world’s first and only waterproof insecticide dust. This in it self is a feat. The reason being that most of the bugs and pests tend to reside in colonies that are moist or close to water and having a product that can withstand this is a great advantage. It targets bugs such as bedbugs, roaches, fleas, silverfish etc.

Demand CS:

Demand CS is another popular and highly recommended product that helps eliminate ants, bees, bedbugs beetles etc. With an almost five star rating this product can last up to ninety days from the time of application. This is a microencapsulated insecticide.

Monterey Garden Insect Spray:

This garden insect spray is made form all natural plant materials and his makes it really safe to apply as well as use. It repels beetle larvae as well as a host of other pests such as armyworms, billbugs and cutworms.

Sawyer Products Insect Repellent Trigger Spray:

This odourless lotion is very protective of fabrics and finishes and lasts up to six weeks once sprayed. Alternatively, it lasts up to six washings and is a typical treatment for clothing.

Mosquito Bits:

As the name suggests this product is for mosquitoes specifically. It kills mosquitoes within a period of 24 hours and can be sprinkled in any standing water.

As mentioned earlier the waterproof delta dust insecticide and demand cs are more versatile and thus, attack a number of different varieties of bugs, whereas the last three are more specific to a particular kind of insect. In the end what is chosen depends upon what the exact requirement is. It is important to research and find the right product and then follow directions properly in order to make sure that the best possible and most effective results are achieved.

Author Bio:

I Patricia Carter am one of the ladies hating pests in houses. Actually I have a huge problem with them since childhood and that is the major reason of my profession in pest control because everyone wants their house pest-free but for me, 'its the first priority'. My knowledge is for everyone and I love sharing them to all. Apart from these, my favorite pass-time is cooking and reading about how to kill more of the pest safely. Today I am sharing you some very effective and highly recommended insect and bed bug control products that are used nowadays in USA.

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