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5 Most Innovative Personalized Promotional Items of the Season

Personalized Promotional Items
Personalized Promotional Items
Personalized Promotional Items

Which business owner or marketing manager can resist the temptation to bring in more loyal customers? Who can resist an option to promote a product or service? In fact, this is the very quest where people spend millions in a year just to ensure that the brand does not fade away from the memory of consumers.

Personalized promotional items are the best way to ensure that people recognize your name and logo. However, the practice is getting just too common. That is why we have come up with some really interesting and unique ways to promote with giveaway items.

  1. Games: While everyone is busy giving away pens and umbrellas, it can be really effective to experiment with some of the games. Anything from puzzles to dice games can leave a lasting impact on the minds of people. In fact, there are some really interesting electronic gaming options available for less than 10 dollars a piece. Of course you can get them customized with name and logo imprints for that lasting effect.
  2. USB: Let’s get real. Most of the world is busy connecting through online mediums and love whatever can keep them entertained and occupied. Not everyone likes to carry heavy things and that is where USB giveaway items solve the problem. From speakers to media players, there are plenty of options to work with. While this category is a bit expensive than others, you can still find personalized promotional items in less than 5 dollars.
  3. Candles: The best of candles are the ones that are never burned. People love to keep the scented variants in interesting cases and bowls. Now giving the candles away is not costly and you can seize the chance to personalize cases with name, logo or message. In fact there are plenty of options available for less than a dollar fitting in everyone’s marketing budget.
  4. Freaky Toys: How do you think fake insects will work as a giveaway item? It is the most unexplored idea that is gaining popularity these days. Chances are that people will keep such a thing for a long time. And when they plan a prank on someone, the legacy is sure to be passed on.
  5. Safety Devices: We all think of safety but seldom invest in things that can help in tight situations. If you invest in these personalized promotional items for business, they will surely strike a chord. Not many will throw away safety flash light or tags. Rather people will keep them handy for loved ones.