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5 Modern black and white living rooms


There is just something so awe inspiring about a black and white room! The use of black and white in a room makes the space very modern and can look very minimalist.  There are ways to spice it up a bit with the use of an additional color like red for example, and it will still look fantastic. There are online stores like Brocade Home and Pure Modern that sell great black and white modern accessories and furniture.

For those of us who love the use of white check out this great blog by Living with White. One of my favorite quotes is actually from them "Some say those that love white are afraid of color. We feel those that love color just might be afraid of white!"


  • Lori Smith, San Diego Interior Decorating Examiner 5 years ago

    Great article and design resources! Black and white can be really fun to decorate with, Boconcept is one of my favorite design stores.

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