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5 Mobile Apps That Can Help You Make Profits Faster

5 Mobile Apps That Can Help You Make Profits Faster
5 Mobile Apps That Can Help You Make Profits Faster

If I was able to save some money and make profits I would have ordered a cup of gold coins and heaps of cash for breakfast, a cash sandwich for lunch and coin casserole for dinner! Of course I wouldn’t be eating it, that would be weird, I would; however, love the feeling of being able to just spend some time with my savings. Anyway, that’s just my fantasy, what’s yours? Depending on the amount of cash we have dangling in our pockets, we seem to think we’d never make it to club millionaire, but you’re wrong. Apart from working a regular 9 to 5 job, you have other legal ways to make money too. This time it’s not about playing the lottery, it’s not about becoming a lottery psychic and it’s not about joining syndicates. It’s about being reminded that some offers just cannot be missed! It’s about the top 5 mobile apps that can help you make profits faster, help you save money beyond your dreams!#1 Mint – Number 1 Money Saving App

Are you a finance geek? Do you like to keep track of anything and everything? Well, this app might be the one for you. With Mint you can consolidate your accounts, track your spending and also receive alerts when your bills are due for payment. With this app you can even set reminders and your personal financial goals, you can categorize your expenditures as well as view your financial data in chart or Excel spread sheet formats. According to Maniago, people who used this app have been able to save over $40 billion! Does this sound good to you?

#2 Receipt Hog – The Ultimate Reimburse Mobile App!

So you’re not a lottery player? But you’re human, so you go shopping for personal or household things almost every 2 weeks if not weekly. Next time you go shopping, remember to download a free copy of the Receipt Hog mobile app. This is one of my favourite money making app ever! All you have to do is submit all your grocery store receipts and earn points that can be easily redeemed for PayPal cash or Amazon gift cards. Not all receipts work, they accept receipts from bigger stores like WalMart, Frys, Fred Meyer, Sprouts Target, etc., but sometimes they have offers where they accept other retailer receipts as a bonus for its app users. If I was you, I would keep a close eye on their Rewards section for short surveys that can help you save more money and make more profits!

#3 Ibotta – Better Than Coupons Mobile App!

This app is definitely another one you want to look at because it’s simple to register and easy to use. All you have to do is to sign up for a free account with Ibotta, download the mobile app on your mobile phone, click on the “Rebates” section and take pictures of your receipts! On the rebates section you will see numerous rebates that you can benefit from. A while ago there was a rebate that I would be offered 50 cents if I uploaded a receipt showing that I bought a packet of milk! Keep checking the section you never know, maybe it’s about something you bought seconds ago. But don’t let it be the other way around, of course!

#4 InboxDollars – For the Avid Internet Lover & Gamer

This app has been around for many, many years, but they’re totally worth to look at especially if you love searching the web, play games and take surveys – because that’s what they pay for! This app is free to download and the best part is that they gift you $5 just to register. As soon as you’ve gathered $30, which you can do in just a couple of hours by the way, you can easily request your payment via check. It takes about two weeks to receive your check, but hey, the profit is totally worth it!

#5 Lottery RemindMe – Play The Biggest Lottery Jackpot!

How can I forget about avid lottery players? Nobody wants to miss bigger lottery jackpots; everyone wants a piece of that fortune so our number is the most popular lottery jackpot reminder – Lottery RemindMe. With this mobile app you can definitely get rich faster beyond your dreams because you can play the largest lottery jackpots from around the world. The app is offered free of charge for the lottery lovers, it is simple to use and fun to have. So if you want to keep track of the largest jackpots, this lottery app is all you need, and the best part? You can become a millionaire!

Get your Lottery app and who knows maybe become the next multi-millionaire.

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