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5 Mistakes women make with Valentine's Day

Did she get anything for me? Not even a card?
Did she get anything for me? Not even a card?
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Officially Valentine’s Day is not a "gender specific" holiday. Unlike Mother’s Day or Father’s Day where women and men are honored and given the royal treatment based upon their parental and gender status; Valentine’s Day is supposed to be a holiday for both genders to celebrate and express their love for one another. However many people view Valentine’s Day as a holiday primarily for women. Nevertheless there are some mistakes women should avoid in order to enhance the overall holiday experience for themselves and their men.

Unrealistic expectations

Whether we blame Hollywood or romantic novels there are some built in expectations many women have for what is supposed to take place on Valentine’s Day. Among these are a dozen of long stem red roses or a bouquet of balloons professing a man’s love preferably delivered to her place of employment. She wants her co-workers to witness the shower of affection. During the evening she expects to be wined and dined at an upscale restaurant and if the holiday falls on a weekend there should be plans to go somewhere after dinner for entertainment. Once the couple arrives home the man should present her with a gift of some kind along with a box of high end chocolates. Russell Stover Chocolates won't cut it!

All told you’re easily talking about a $400-$500 dollar evening! A dozen long stem roses delivered on Valentine’s Day can easily cost between $100 and $150. Many restaurants create “special menus” for Valentine’s Day. Oftentimes they will include anywhere between 3-7 course meals for around $99 per person not including wine or champagne. If one wants good seats at a concert or play after dinner they are likely to spend another couple of hundred dollars on tickets. Not every man can afford a night like this and a lot of men see Valentine’s Day as a manipulative commercialized Hallmark holiday.

If a woman has an inkling how much her man can afford she can easily set his mind at ease by letting him know she is practical.

Only purchased him a card

Many women neglect to buy their men anything beyond a card while expecting him to give them the royal treatment. Aside from having sex that evening a woman can easily stand out among other women if she presents her man with a token gift. Some women have been known to send their men edible fruit arrangements or balloons to the office. Wearing something sexy to bed or providing an erotic surprise is always a hit with men and it’s very inexpensive!

Forgetting to keep things in perspective

Some men are “romantically challenged” nevertheless they make attempts to do something to commemorate the holiday. If you know your man’s heart is in the right place give him some credit for effort. If you got a large chocolate Kiss instead of a box of Lady Godiva chocolates or were taken to Golden Corral for a buffet dinner it’s not the end of the world. Your relationship is more important than a day.


It’s not uncommon for some women to try to read into what a gift really means. An example is asking a group of friends: "What does it mean if your man gives you a joke Valentine’s Day card?" Maybe he just wanted to make you laugh or put a smile on your face! Not every word, gesture, or gift a man presents is laden with some "hidden message". Oftentimes they are unaware of the message they may be sending.

Succumbing to the Valentine’s Day Blues

Too often women who are not in a relationship or dating can become depressed with all the “love is in the air” talk. They feel like the whole world pities them. Some have been known to send themselves flowers and candy to work under the guise it came from a man. The truth of the matter is most people are so caught up in their own lives that they aren’t concerned with your plans. Don’t allow yourself to fall victim to all the hype. Socialize with your single friends or attend some of the events around town that are specifically designed for singles like speed dating and other parties. There is also nothing wrong with having a quiet evening at home.

“If you love yourself first, you will find your Valentine much quicker!” ― Mehmet Murat ildan

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