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5 Mistakes men make with Valentine's Day

I got what I thought you wanted!
I got what I thought you wanted!
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Men for the most part have never been big fans of holidays which require a certain level of thought consideration especially when it comes to buying gifts to express their love and appreciation for their significant others. Without a doubt for many their least favorite holiday for various reasons is Valentine's Day! Essentially a lot of men feel like this is the biggest made up Hallmark Holiday of them all! Some complain about it coming too quickly after Christmas and others have a difficult time trying to strike the right cord. Below are just five of the most common mistakes men make with Valentine's Day.


It’s no secret that Valentine’s Day falls on February 14th every year but nevertheless you will see men scrambling to buy among the picked over cards and gifts on their way home from work. This often leads to buying a card that lacks the right sentiment for the relationship. If a guy is married or is in a long-term relationship he should avoid buying a card that says; “To someone special” or “Be My Valentine” these are simply too generic based upon the length and depth of the relationship.

You can forget about making dinner reservations at a nice restaurant for a decent hour at the last minute! Hopefully you have some family recipes you can whip up for a “romantic evening” at home.

Having a One Size Fits All Approach

Too often men approach Valentine’s Day as a “one size fits all” holiday. They’ll buy every woman they’ve dated the same gifts! (A card, red roses, chocolates, and a stuffed animal.) Women often view the gifts and gestures a man makes as an indication of just how well he has listened to them over the course of time. If a woman has told her man that her favorite flowers are yellow roses and he buys her red tulips or her favorite meal is seafood and he chooses a steakhouse to celebrate the day then a part of her will be disappointed because it is evident he has not been paying attention.

Buying intimate apparel

Not many women are hoping to get a pair of thong underwear for Valentine’s Day! And yet many men believe they are doing something “special” by purchasing such things from Victoria’s Secret. These types of gifts are really for (his) viewing pleasure.

Breaking the Bank

Another common mistake men make is spending beyond their means to impress women. This is especially true during their first Valentine’s Day. It’s difficult to go from planning a weekend getaway the first year to giving her a poem or card and single rose the next year. Once you pull out all the stops the first year a woman assumes that’s how you roll. After she has bragged to all of her girlfriends about you they too will anxiously await to see how you will top yourself the following year. If you can’t afford an elaborate evening then have a creative evening. A candlelight dinner at home followed by a bubble bath together and a sensual massage in front of a fireplace accompanied by music can be very memorable.

Unintentionally misleading

This happens quite often when a man rushes to buy cards and gifts without giving them much thought. One example is buying a beautiful card without actually reading the interior prose. If you consider your date to be a casual fling you don’t want to give her a card which professes your love or states that she is your dream come true. Jewelry especially rings of any sort come with a built in exclusivity attached. If a man is not serious about a woman giving her jewelry is likely to make her think otherwise.

"All you need is love; but a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt." - Charles M. Schulz

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