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5 misconceptions of a typical computer user

1.       Rebooting is your friend and not your enemy
Most users have an ingrain fear of rebooting their PCs. The misconception here is that the PC will get worse after the reboot. In reality, the opposite is true.
2.       An upgrade will make your computer better, not worse
A typical user operates under the premise that if it works right now, there is absolutely no reason to touch it. The truth of the matter is that even though things can go wrong during an upgrade (typically having to do with third party software that is incompatible), the upgrade itself will improve speed, security, protect your PC for vulnerabilities, etc. 
3.       Just because you like or believe in a certain brand does not make it the best on the market or the only option
Users often come to the conclusion that one particular brand is better than all others oftentimes solely based on word or mouth or with the recommendation on uncle Bob. This under no circumstance constitutes proof of superior product. Do you research and evaluate your options. There is plethora of brands out of there that are comparable or better to your preferred one.
4.       Don’t be scared of the PC
When a PC does not work, the typical reaction is panic, fear, and sometimes tears. Pause, take a deep breath, and try to retrace your steps. The internet is a great source of information and chances are that someone out there has run into the same problem. 
5.       Do not start pounding on the keys or give the PC a good shake
Your PC is not your child who from time to time chooses to ignore you. It is a piece of equipment that can malfunction. Becoming angry and using physical force will only make matters worse. If your PC was not broken prior to your momentary rage outburst, rest assured it is now. 


  • Ken 5 years ago

    Thanks from a computer dunce (me) for a great article!

  • Blake 5 years ago

    now that i have stop using physical force my computer has been working so much better. thanks for a great article

  • amy 5 years ago

    could use more of the do and donts