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5 Metrics to make your online marketing endeavor a success

online marketing metrics
online marketing metrics
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You are putting in a lot of time and investing a lot of money in your online marketing efforts. The only problem is – the results aren't commensurate to the efforts. How do you get more from your efforts? It isn't as difficult as it seems.

As a small business owner, you pay attention to the metrics related to the different aspects of your venture. You keep track of the monthly sales. You calculate the investment you need to make to get new technology.

Similarly, you need to measure certain things to make the online marketing efforts you put in for your business successful. With the right focus, you can enhance the customer experience and boost sales – two objectives every business needs to focus on.

Where do you begin? Let’s start with the basics to keep things easier.

Identify the goals of your online marketing campaign

How do you measure the success of your online marketing strategy if you aren't sure what should they lead to? Your first step is to determine what defines the success of your efforts.

Do you want people to click on a specific page? Do you want them to sign up for the newsletter? Do you want them to request an online quote? Do you want them to subscribe to your blog? You need to have a clear idea about where your efforts direct to.

Measure the effectiveness of online advertisement

After you are clear about what you want people to do, you need to create ads to urge them to do it. It may be an ad to drive people to your online store. Next, you need to check its effectiveness.

How do you measure this? The fundamental tool to do this is the click-through rate.

Clickthrough Rate = the Number of Clicks ÷ the Number of Impressions

If your ads are relevant and functional, the clicks they get will be high in terms of the number of times they are shown. If the rate isn’t high, you need to work on your ads a little more closely to come up with better results.

Monitor clicks to know whether they lead to conversions

Clicking on an ad may not lead to anything if the user doesn’t take the necessary action, i.e. visit your site or subscribe to your blog. For this, you need to measure the clicks that lead to conversions.

You can do this with the free tool from AdWords, AdWords Conversion Tracking. This will show whether a viewer takes the call to action or not. Invest in the ads and keywords that show more conversions to boost your online marketing campaign.

Track what drives customers to your business

For brick and mortar businesses that focus on local markets, it is essential to have a clear idea about how customers come to know about them. Good examples are restaurants and shopping malls.

Use the click-to-call ads to ensure that your customers can get in touch with you once they find you online. You can get the metrics from the ad reports. Another effective way is to ask your customers how they found your business when they checkout.

Experiment with ideas to keep things in motion

Online marketing strategies aren't static; they are dynamic. You need to keep this in mind when you come up with the strategies and implement them for your business.

The continuous development of the niche you are in and the customers you serve make it essential that you evolve too. Otherwise, you will be stuck while others move forward. You need to continue the experimentation to come up with new strategies.

With a little attention to the details, it is possible to achieve success as a business.

Word of mouth remains the number one driver for businesses. This is often the best source to build your customer base and boost sales. But this isn’t the only one. With the rapid advancement of technology, online marketing has also become an important tool.

A successful business incorporates offline and online tactics to come up with a comprehensive marketing strategy. And this is often more successful, as your business is capable of reaching out to every segment of the market with such a plan.

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