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5 Major mistakes of micro managers

Mistakes of a micro manager
Mistakes of a micro manager

While people say that there is a time and place for everything, I cannot imagine that they were talking about a crazed micro manager. If you are not sure if you have ever worked for a micro manager, then you have never worked for one. The rest of us have lived, learned and hopefully moved far, far away.

Being micro managed can be an exhausting and humiliating experience. Your every action is monitored, every report you complete is scrutinized, your daily workload is planned in advanced for you, and you did nothing wrong to deserve this close eye of attention other than be hired by this manager.

We all make mistakes and mistakes are usually not a problem unless they become habits. If you work for a micro manager and you make a mistake, you might want to start looking for other jobs because what little trust they had in you is gone and from now on they will practically stand over your every move.

Flipping the tables, micro managers make mistakes on a daily basis and the fault is usually somehow passed down to you through creative reasoning; however it's important for you to remember that the mistake was theirs.

Let’s look at 5 major mistakes micro managers make:

  1. Very little trust or confidence is given to their employees- micro managers think the trust should be earned and how long it takes that trust to be earned can take a very long time.
  2. Manager takes pride in making sure their workers produce the best quality work at any cost- the team under a micro manager will work their fingers to the bone, miss family and friend events, and always be available for fear of being fired.
  3. Positive reinforcement (real, not fake) works better than negative reinforcement- Anytime a team needs a little coaching, a cheerful "it's almost done!" is so much more motivating that "why isn't it done?"
  4. Creating a stimulating and creative environment can’t happen when you keep your subordinates at arm’s length- the micro manager wants fresh innovative new ideas, but they are calling you every five minutes for an update on your thoughts
  5. Never saying thank you, job well done, I appreciate you, and similar encouraging words- There are definately thankless jobs in this world that none of us would ever want. An office job should not be one of them. Thanking your team members for a job well done is technically part of the job as a supervisor.

In some case, the style of the micro manager may be necessary or beneficial; however on a regular daily basis with a team of good employees there is very little reason to manage to this extreme.

Do you have a micro manager horror story? Write in the comments section and tell us all about it!

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