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5 life lessons that TV/Film star Alisa Reyes has learned throughout her career

If you missed part one of my interview with actress-producer, Alisa Reyes, then click here.

Actress, Producer, TV Host and Singer Alisa Reyes
Photo by: Louis Cuthbert. Photto editing by Kandie Delley @Kankan929 or

This 2nd, and final part of the interview brings readers current into Alisa's active television and film career, as well as her plans for expanding her brand. Throughout her journey, from TV to Film, she has learned how to stay relevant in a very demanding and dismissive career, from a child star, well into adulthood.

Where so many child actors have walked a destructive path, dipped out of the spotlight, or sacrificed their integrity to keep a full-time presence in the entertainment industry, Alisa has transitioned into a perceptive and versatile adult actor with no regrets. Her business acumen and strategic planning has garnered her one robust and steady career.

Lesson #1: Know when to let things go...

“You have to learn to let things go," says the spirited brunette. "Once you audition or have a meeting for something, you need to let it go and not worry or stress about it. I am a big believer in manifestation. What you put out comes back to you,” she continues.

Lesson #2: Have a strong spiritual foundation...

“I’ve had meetings and auditions that weren’t what I thought they should be and I ended up getting that gig. In the long run God, who is a big part of my life, already has our destiny planned. so no matter what, what’s meant is meant.”

Lesson #3: Diversify your talents and skill sets (see more about this in $ .99 cent eBook, "Getting Started on the Web for Actors")

Her flexibility and ability to transition between performing and producing, and now, authoring books, has provided Ms. Reyes's a more secure footing in the industry. When she’s not setting a path for others to follow in TV and film, she hikes, bowls, sings in her church choir, and supports the arts community.

Acknowledging the privilege, she’s been given, and the access to a seemingly untouchable dreamland for others, Ms. Reyes does not take her position lightly. She knows she’s a voice and role model for so many.

Lesson # 4: Be willing to fail...

“We all make mistakes,” she says. “That’s how one learns. But, when it comes to my career, I really do not have any regrets. I am very particular about my roles and being a positive role model. I feel every day is a learning process and I am looking forward to my future as I embark on my transition into adulthood.”

Ms. Reyes reflects genuine compassion and humility, and states that she does not take anything or anyone for granted. She is ever faithful in connecting and interacting with her fans.

“When my mother was alive, and I was a little girl she and I wrote a children’s book for me. After she passed, I found the book and restored it. I want to publish it so that it can touch others as it did to me. The fact that my mother and I shared this together is very special and I would hope that it would do the same to another family like it did mine.”

Lesson #5: Pay it forward...

Along with her performing and a publishing career, Alisa also works behind the scenes solidifying partnerships, supports charities like Make A Wish and Hope for Firefighters.

“I think it is vital to be involved in charity work. Giving back and paying it forward is so vital.”

Bonus Lesson (#6) : Keep up with the times...

“Social media is a biggie. It's the platform that can increase your digital brand, and connect you to a larger audience. I love my Twitter and Facebook friends. A lot of things wouldn’t be possible without them.”

Currently Ms. Reyes has wrapped production for an original scripted television situation comedy, Grow Up Already, created by actress-producer, Karan Ashley, and also starring Wesley Johnthan, and Anneilisa Van Dor Pol. The show is a cross between "Three's Company" meets "Friends".

“There is a need for this type of show, because think of Family Matters, Full House , Fresh Prince of Bell Air, Saved by the Bell, One World, Blossom, and other '90s shows like these. That’s a generational gap that is not appealed to in programming today,” Ms. Reyes relays passionately. “I feel that television programming has changed, but I plan to capitalizing on new trends and platforms while incorporating older ideals to create a new blend of programming. There’s room for all unique types of shows.”

You can join Alisa on for Motivation, Live Coaching, and Personal Development, her website, blog, and twitter @alisareyes

Alisa has great projects coming up and a new music! Stay tune to learn more in Part 2 of this exclusive interview coming soon!


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