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5 killer snowy horror movies (that aren't 'The Shining')

Snow and more snow are words that we hear a lot in forecast. This winter has been hard on many people. But don't fret spring is on the horizon somewhere, and while you're waiting watch these horror flicks that take place in a winter setting. Left out "The Shining," because it's so iconic that most of know that it's already the perfect killer snowy film.

"Jack Frost" (1997)

There are two movies out there (made like a year apart), the classic family film and then there is this movie where Jack Frost is actually a killer snowman.

"The Thing" (1982)

I think I always pick the original when I'm doing lists, so decided to add the 80s version with Kurt Russell. This one is graphic, creepy, and makes you feeling quite claustrophobic.

"30 Days of Night" (2007)

Back when it looked like vampires movies were all about relationships and teenagers, "30 Days of Night," just showed that vampires weren't teenage boys, but gruesome beings.


If you like your horror more of the artsy type then "Kwaidan," is your type. Also if you like horror anthologies then go for it. One of the stories in the anthology is called, "The Woman of the Snow."

"Grotesque" (1988)

This is a wildcard pick because first it has Tab Hunter and Linda Blair in it. Basically a group of thugs kill a family at their vacation home in the mountains and while chasing the daughter through the woods, they find out there is another monster lurking.

So while your trapped inside from the snow or waiting for spring come and you're a horror fan, watch or re-watch these horror films. Snow has never looked so brutal!

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