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5 killed when insurgents ambush Afghan government convoy

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An Afghan government convoy was attacked on Tuesday by insurgents killing five and wounding one.

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Those killed served in the Afghan Public Protection Force which was escorting the convoy, according to a spokesman for the governor of the Wardak province.

The attack happened in a fractious province near Afghanistan's capital of Kabul on the country’s main north-south highway in the Sayed Abad district.

This highway is the main trade route for goods coming from Iran and Pakistan and headed for Kabul. The province of Wardak is a key staging area for insurgent attacks in that area.

Attacks on convoys in Afghanistan were promised by a Taliban spokesman last July. In the article Pakistani Taliban spokesman vows to renew attacks on NATO supply lines, by the Dothan Marine Corps Examiner, the spokesman said:

The top spokesman for the Movement of the Taliban in Pakistan vowed that his group would resume attacks on NATO's convoys to Afghanistan now that Pakistan has reopened the supply lines.

It would appear that insurgents are making good on their threats. Last year convoys routes were shut-down because of attacks by the Pakistani Taliban. There are still many questions about whether Afghans can truly handle security for their nation, only time will tell if they can or not.

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