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5 iPhone apps to help you get around Chicago


Living in a large city like Chicago is great… if you know where to go. In recent years Chicago has become very mobile friendly adding Wi-fi Hotspots, more cellular service, and other technology improvements for gadget geeks to have fun in the city. Being connected is essential these days in communicating or just trying not to get lost!

I happen to be an iPhone user. I love my phone and there are several apps that I use from week to week to plan my outings. Here is a brief list:

1.      Google Maps: Google Maps comes standard on the iPhone. With the built-in GPS you can quickly get directions to make your way from Evanston to Homewood by car, public transportation or even on foot!  The public transportation function will tell you what time a bus is leaving and an approximate time of your trip. Very cool!

2.      Around Me: Around Me picks up on your GPS location and gives you a quick view of things around you. There are listings for Apple Retail Stores, Banks, Bars, Coffee, Gas Stations, and more. You can also type in a search term. I am currently in Hyde Park and I was able to quickly view all the places in the area on campus and beyond to get coffee. It also lists Valois Restaurant, which is now famous thanks to our President and his breakfast cravings.

3.      Fandango: Fandango is by far the best Movie app I have tested for the iPhone with one drawback.  I am mot sure why, but they did not include the “Current Location” option in this one. But if you know the zip code, you can quickly find theaters based on that and even purchase tickets right on your iPhone.

4.      Weatherbug: The iPhone includes a Weather app, but if you are looking for detailed weather info, Weatherbug is the way to go. Not only do you get the temperature and the heat index but also the forecast for the next 3 days. There is a also a Radar screen that uses Google maps. There is weather video that shows Weather forecasts from the WeatherBug Channel, and even live weather cameras.

5.     WGN Radio: This is a Traffic and Weather app. It gives you immediate traffic status via a red light/ green light system and shows a map of jams, etc. You can flip through various expressways.

No matter what city you live in, these apps can help you plan your weekend, or just help you get by from day to day. What are some of your favorite iPhone apps to help you plan an outing or get around?


  • qui 5 years ago

    Great Article. I didn't know about the WGN app, I'll have to download it.

    I use the Fandango app quite a bit and I did want to point out that is does have GPS location service.

    You have to click the "Find my Location" button on the zipcode page and it will find you.

  • Bruce 4 years ago

    I use the iPhone/iPad app Movies Filmed in Chicago. It has cool locations from Blues Brothers, Ferris, Wanted, Groundhog Day... The maps, driving directions and pics make it easy to find the locations.