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5-ingredient Friday: eat your salad...and the bowl


5 Ingredient Friday: Eat You Salad...and the Bowl

In lots of busy households, Friday night is no time to be fussing over an elaborate, complicated meal. I like the idea of a 5-ingredient fix, something quick and easy that I can prepare for my daughters as they fly out of the house for work or Date Night Part 1.

Today’s recipe is a simple taco salad, but the cool part is a discovery I recently made quite by accident. I had put some Cedar’s whole wheat wraps (the round ones) into the oven to warm up for nachos, and when I went to flip them over, they had puffed up into a crunchy dome (see photo). So I cut them in half (kitchen scissors work best) and we had edible bowls for taco salad instead. Just heat them up in a 400 degree oven for a few minutes; it takes a while for them to get going…kind of like JiffyPop! Then just cool them off, cut open and start building your salad. (Hint: make a couple of extra wraps…they are delicate and you’re bound to crunch one or two. Crunch broken pieces up for toppings). Add refried beans if you want and serve a side of spicy rice for a hearty start to the weekend at less than $1.75 per person.

Eat Your Salad…And the Bowl

Cedar’s whole wheat wraps
Ground beef or turkey
Chili powder to taste, salt, pepper and garlic powder
Salsa/sour cream/scallions/black olives (optional)

Cook ground beef with seasoning to taste.
While beef is cooking, place wraps in a 400 degree oven and bake for 6-8 minutes (keep and eye on them).

Cool wraps and cut in half with sharp kitchen scissors. Make salad in wrap halves.

Cedar's wraps grow when you bake 'em!


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