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5 Ideas for dads on Father's Day

Idea #1:

Dads who are fit for fashion. Sometimes, dads may forget to update their wardrobes and that is where we, their supporting loving family members, step in to help. Dads may completely forget about fashion and we will help them become 'fit for fashion'.

Step 1: clean out the closet. Go through Dad's closet and pull out anything that he hasn't worn in years. (Yes, years because men can have socks that are a decade old, so what else do they have that old?) Take the afternoon and you may have half the closet cleaned out. Go through his socks and any that have holes in them, cut them in half and now you have new dust rags.

Depending on 'Dad', decide if the newly clean closet is okay to be a surprise or if you need to have him be aware of the beautiful gifts he is about to donate. This is important as we want to have our Dads happy through this whole experience.

Step 2: pick out the items to donate. Please, donate items that you would want. Such as clothing does not have tears or rips or stains. These items, again, can have great use as rags. You can even make a nice set of rags for the garage out of a few t-shirts, he will be set for rags for a long time. This gives such a great feeling of donating good quality items, which brings us to the next step. Pick a donation place. There are many, many wonderful organizations. Veteran organizations, ARC and Goodwill to name a few. In addition, most organizations can schedule a pick-up at your door.

Look at all this wonderful room that is now available in Dad's closet! Of course, you do not need to fill it with new items back to the maximum capacity that the closet was just in. (Half of the project was to make more room so that it easy to see the items in his closet.)

Step 3: shopping. Points, do not refill the entire closet. Pick out pieces that have a great mix-and-match availability. Help bring Dad more up-to-date with some fresh new colors in tops and accessories. Coral is very handsome on a man and is complementary to practically every skin/hair color combination. It looks fabulous. It is very possible that you may have needed to get some new white button-up dress shirts too since they are the most worn. A great yellow dress shirt will also really add some sunshine to his wardrobe. The possibilities are endless! From vibrant ties, socks and dress shirts, this is a great way to bring color into the closet. No offense to the blue shades of color that have been the 'color' in Dad's closet for decades, but there are more colors now.

The point is, to really think of Dad. His personality, his dreams and his enjoyments will help you shop for pieces with the thought of him in mind. Do not feel that you can only go to one store, there are so many options available from Macy's to Marshall's and even Goodwill (fabulous items to pick from with a huge variety). Have so much fun doing this. Dad's don't say this, but they love makeovers, because the makeover is made personal to them created by love! This is going to be fun, see you out there!

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