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5 Ideas for Dads on Father's Day (#5)

Idea #5:

What has a father's life been about? Has it just been about working? Has it just been about being a huge football or baseball fan? Has it just been about the perfect tee time or an afternoon grilling? No, all of these things are a part of a father's life. But, what makes a father's life, is the family he has around him. All the special moments of being a dad.

As we have been giving ideas about giving dad a full experience of Father's Day so he has a treasured memory, why not put his memories together? A photo album simply titled 'Thanks Dad' or something along those lines. The inside filled with memories and photos from his children. Dads who are serving overseas in the armed forces, dads who have to travel often to support their children and to provide them the best life they can, would love to have photos to show the enjoyment in their children's lives. All daddies love to see the smiles on their children's faces.

Have photos of the children playing sports, receiving an award at school, painting a picture, whatever brings them joy to fill the pages. Create more than just pictures of the kids sitting in a pose smiling, have the pictures showing them experiencing the life that their daddies help bring to them. Add photos of dad playing with the kids, special moments that have created wonderful memories about the treasures of being a dad. A great app that we found is Simple Prints. You can choose the style of book that you want, choose the photos straight off of your phone. Add any text that you would like and save. Put in the shipping information and in about 7 days, a photo book will be delivered to a very special dad!

There are other sites and stores who add photos to mugs, shirts and even ties! For this idea, it is about reminding Dad about the joy of being a Dad through the smiles of his children. Any or all ideas that you choose, we will make this a Father's Day for dad to always remember!

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