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5 Ideas for Dads on Father's Day (#4)

Idea #4:

My daughter had come up with this brilliant idea and we will definitely be trying it out! She suggested to buy a regular white mug and to write 'Dad' and hearts and flowers with permanent marker to make it special. We cannot say just how this will turn out, but it is a grand idea. This was the inspiration to our fourth idea, all kid inspired! This is the point of Father's Day after all, for kids to celebrate their dads, grandpas, uncles, or whomever they want to honor in a father role model.

Now magnets are great! Plain magnets of all shapes and sizes and some really good glue. Next, a pile of inspiration from our kids. Tongue depressors can be decorated with stickers, writings, glitter and even heads. Yes, heads! You can find a photo of each family member and cut their head out in a circle. Next, glue the heads to the top of the tongue depressor, use decoration along the 'body'. Glue the magnets to the back and now you have the whole family!

Another great idea is 'Grateful for you, Dad because...' book. Use as many pages as you are grateful for to staple together or however you would like to bind the book. Have the cover of the book titled 'Grateful for you, Dad because....' and on each page you can add 'for' and fill in the blank and 'when you' and fill in the blank and 'especially when' and fill in the blank. We know you are catching on with this idea. On each page, draw a picture, or use stickers or pictures to really illustrate the gratefulness. This just another amazing idea, made by kids for their Dads. (We expect dads to tear up a little bit with these gifts, but know that they will always treasure them.)

After any of these wonderful gifts are created, or any ideas your children may come up with, don't forget how you can also make your own gift bag. The ideas are can be complementary to the gift inside, or be something completely different. The ideas, however small or large, or crazy are just inspired kids, who love unconditionally and would to show it. This is going to be so much fun!

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