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5 Ideas for Dads on Father's Day (#3)

Idea #3

Many dads enjoy cooking, especially on the grill. Nothing is better than grilling some barbecue ribs, smoked sausage, hamburgers, hot dogs and many other delicious grilled delights. Dads feel proud firing up their grill and getting ready to make a delicious feast. Now, as we are trying to create a memory through an experience, let's check out Dad's grilling accessories.

Home Depot, Sears, Lowe's and many retail stores have a HUGE assortment of grilling accessories. Some have handles like screwdrivers, or wood, stainless steel and many different kinds. Maybe starting with an update of accessories would be great. There are many different prices, too. Some you can find for about $2 each utensil up to $100 for the set. This can be a great gift that fits any budget.

Next, let's do a seasoning check. If the Dad in your life really likes grilling, then he is probably due for some new seasonings. Again, there are many places to buy seasonings, a specialty store like Harry and David's could have more unique blends if you are looking for something a little different. Stores like Ross and TJ Maxx also carry different brands and something could catch your eye. If you have plenty of different seasoning, you could pick up some new sauces to try, or get a whole new smorgasbord! A sweet chili sauce or a mango barbecue could add just the right kick to a grilling favorite.

To top off the whole experience, you could get a new apron, or glove or platter for all the new delicious foods that will be coming off the grill. There are also new grilling cookbooks out there that would match keenly with his new accessories and flavors. Dad will surely remember this Father's Day and so will his taste buds! We sure do hope that you are getting some wonderful ideas for Dad this Father's Day. We will see you out there!

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