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5 Ideas for Dads on Father's Day (#2)

Idea #2:

Okay, so your Dad is completely fashion forward and you have cleaned out his closet. It is neat, roomy and well put together, bravo. Now what? Sports! Dad is a sport enthusiast! This is brilliant and we can work with this. How many sports are there? The ideas are endless! Let's pick one and we will create an entire 'Dad' celebration.

Baseball, yes, baseball. America's favorite past time. Let's ask if anyone shops at our local King Soopers and have earned enough credits on their King Soopers discount card to be able to purchase 4 tickets to a Colorado Rockies game for $14 each. This is brilliant, again, the excitement is beginning to build for Dad's big day! You can purchase a Rockies t-shirt, hat, or jersey or whatever you feel Dad will like, to have him ready for the big game!

Another idea to add is to create a game day bag. Fill the bag with game day necessities. Important ideas to consider can be: sunscreen, chap stick, water, baseball glove or baseball hat and jersey or t-shirt. Gently place each item in the bag. Place the tickets in an envelope to set just in front of the bag. Make, or purchase, a Father's Day card leaving a clue to where is gift may be. Once he has the bag and envelope, he opens the bag and sees all his treats! Instead of a gift, he is getting a Father's Day experience!

This year, no matter the sport, let's help make a Father's Day memory! If he is a fisherman, get a new vest, worms and a fishing license. For the golfer, new Top Flight golf balls, a pre-paid 18 or 9-hole game and a new glove. Let's give our Dads a Father's Day experience! A side note, have cameras handy while Dads are opening their gifts. See you out there!!

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