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5 Hot Valentine's Day Spots to Hit Before You Hit on Him

Sometimes the sexiest outfit is just a nice pair of heels.
Sometimes the sexiest outfit is just a nice pair of heels.
J. Adams

It’s a great feeling, isn’t it? Be lusted after by your man? Feeling attractive, desired, the object of his affections? And doesn’t it give you a rush when he comes home (cue the “jungle music”) looking at you like a hungry lion drooling over a lonely little gazelle? Must. Ravage. NOW.

Maybe that’s not your daily experience. How about this:

You’re at home with the kids, juggling a gajillion things at one time. Or the evening has flatlined into the same boring conversation, even worse, now that it’s Superbowl time. How many times have you heard this: “Get me another beer, will ya?” OR “...What?”

Or hell, maybe the most action you’re getting is from your dog humping your leg.

Lady, it is time to change that. Whether you’re in a long time relationship, seeing a guy you want to reel in, or ready to “do the deed” with Mr. Right (Now), then it’s time to turn the tables completely in your favor and knock that poor bastard off his axis. And just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Hit him where it hurts and hit him GOOD. And make it feel REALLY good for you.

You can seduce your soon-to-be guy, your maybe man, or your tried and true dude. Not just for him, but for you. I mean, admit it. Your sex life can get boring. You use the same positions. You say the same things. You… well, you get it. Sometimes, just doing a little nice sexy thing for yourself will end up being the present you both needed.

Treat yourself to some fabulous Femme Fatale-ness. I know whenever I’m in a rut, or just want to feel like I still got it going on, I can hit up one of these L.A. gems for a sexy little ego boost. So here are five tried and true LA pit stops for seduction:

Groom That Kitty

Simplest update of an “old’ look? Get yourself a nice little wax job. And Amanda Hyde of the brand new Mend Day Spa in Studio City is the wax goddess. With her cheery disposition and wicked fast hands, she’ll have you laughing your “you know what” off while she sculpts some serious downtown artwork. Even better? Amanda’s new motto is, “Have wax, will travel.” She’ll actually come to you and clean that kitty in the privacy of your own home. Now that’s star treatment.. Plus, make an appointment now and get the “Valentine Day” discount at Mend.

In-home Appointments: Amanda Hyde 323.401.0530

They Give Good Hair

We’ve all had that rat’s nest of a hair-do after a wild night in the sack. It’s almost a badge of honor. But you certainly don’t want to start off that way. There’s bed head and then there’s “take me to bed” head. If you want the latter, you go see Guy Romeo at the Neil George Hair Salon. He can take a dull hair and transform it into a sexy mane in minutes. Want to see if blondes DO have more fun? Like to Enrish your locks with a deeper hue? Tyle Mahony is a master of natural looking locks when it comes to color or highlights. Check them out here:

Pantable Panties

It’s always nice to get yourself a new piece of lingerie. But some undergarments are just kinda cute and then there are some that mean serious business. One look in Agent Provocateur on Melrose and you know it ain’t your Grannie’s panties. You get your own personal shopper, who will measure and fit you into your underneath naughties. And they have designs from HAWT to downright scandalous. You need silk stocking with garters? You got it. Seductive satin corsets? Absolutely. Tassels and riding crops? Um, you got it, you cheeky girl. Tip: bring your beau with you to try things on. If the store’s quiet, you can personally model your finds for him. You may not make it out of the parking lot, like that’s a bad thing.

Holy Heels, Batman!

Sometimes the best outfit is no outfit at all… well, except a good pair of sexy heels. FootCandy in Brentwood delivers just what their name offers. You’ll drool over the Choos, lust over the Louboutins, and go mad for Manolos. (Plus: make sure you sign up as a customer and you’ll get first dibs on their sales, which are often up to 75% off)

Silky Milky Mama

Need to stay in budget but still want to indulge? Then give your sexiest organ a special treatment. (Your skin, you dirty girl.) Milk baths are one of nature’s greatest beauty treatments. Milk baths are full of Lactic Acid, a naturally occurring alpha hydroxy acid which has an exfoliating effect on the skin and leaves your body softer than a baby’s bum. The Argyle Spa (located in the Argyle Hotel on Sunset) is just the ticket. Enjoy a sweet milk bath enriched with almond oil and leave relaxed and irresistibly silky smooth from head to toe.



  • JBox 5 years ago

    K, so I groomed the kitty, pushed the dog off my leg, strapped on the Jimmy Choos and pulled up the yummy underpants. Now, what store sells the nice boys? Great stuff, Lora. :)

  • Lora 5 years ago

    Boys R Us? Hmmm, maybe that's not it....

  • MiWe 5 years ago

    Can you recommend a good consignment shop where I can trade in my tired old man for a new version?

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