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5 hot pet products to sell on Amazon

Consumable products create a steady stream of income on Amazon.
Consumable products create a steady stream of income on Amazon.

Pet pampering has become the norm in America as more people are treating their pets like humans. The pet service industry has exploded over the last decade with services like doggie day care, mobile grooming, dog walking, pooper scooper services, and even pet birthday party services. The pet product niche is exploding as well, and Amazon sellers are jumping on the gravy train to offer products to the growing number of pet owners who are also Amazon customers.

The Slo-Bowl by Kyjen is an interactive feeding bowl with maze-like shapes to make mealtime more fun for dogs. It comes in 5 different shapes and colors. Price is $13.38 and is Prime eligible.

The Fetchbee is a “slobber-free” Frisbee toy with a detachable throwing arm. The concept is that the dog catches the disc in his mouth, but the owner doesn’t have to handle the slobbery toy once the dog has retrieved it. Cost is $20.12 on Amazon and is Prime eligible.

Wiki Wags Male Dog Disposable Wraps are a belly band for male dogs that is comfortable and stays in place. This product is perfect for the alpha male dog that lifts his leg and marks, for incontinent older dogs or puppies who aren’t quite trained yet. Wiki Wags come in x-small, small, medium, and large size. Prices start at $13.99 for x-small in a pack of 12. All sizes are Prime eligible.

Fresh Dog Dry Shampoo Powder is a gentle convenient way to freshen up dogs when there is no time for a bath. The shampoo is in a dry powder form and instantly detangles and deodorizes fur. Simply sprinkle on your dog, combing or brushing through is optional. Pet owners with large dogs find this product especially convenient since it can be such an ordeal to bathe a large dog. The product is all natural and has a clean fresh scent. Price is $15 on Amazon for a 12 ounce container. Eligible for Prime.

Puppy Paint nail polish for dogs is a non-toxic, low odor, quick-drying way to brighten a dog’s day. The nail polish comes in a variety of colors from Fire Hydrant Fun, Greener on the Other Side, Call of the Wild, and Pampered Pooch. A bottle sells for $13.79 on Amazon and most colors are Prime eligible.

Consumables are the best type of product to sell online since customers will return to restock when their supply runs out. A pet owner may only buy one dog bowl, but he will buy food to put in the bowl for the rest of the dog's life. There are many small to medium-sized companies who offer interesting and unique consumable pet products – products that can be sold for a profit on Amazon.

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