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5 Helpful Facebook pages for eBay sellers of vintage items

Vintage is a hot market on eBay.
Vintage is a hot market on eBay.

Facebook groups can be a huge time-waster or they can be informative and educational.There is less drama involved in Facebook pages which are different than groups. A Facebook page helps users connect with a brand or company in ways that don't work in groups. There is generally less arguing and misbehaving since the owner of the page is the only person posting photos or updates.

eBay sellers of vintage items can benefit by liking the following pages, which provide helpful information on all things vintage.

1. Dusty Old Thing. This group has over 1 million likes and is Facebook's #1 community for antique-lovers. They often post an "Item of the Day" or a featured antique with a little history of the item.

2. Southern Belle Charm - This is is a page dedicated to items that appeal to Southerners. Southern Belle Charm manufactures candles, signs, and other unique handmade items. Featured photos include front porches and older homes with interesting home decor, furniture, or vintage collectibles.

3. Junktion Alley - Tagline is "Creating treasures for today with pieces from the past." The page is run by a crafter in Bay City, Texas who sells on local craft and junk shows. They do not have an online storefront. The page has 117,000 likes and features everything from jewelry, furniture, yard decor, and repurposed items.

4. What is this? Antique, Vintage, and Unusual Item Identification. This is actually a group not a page, but it is moderated very well. There are almost 1,500 members and people post items they need help identifying. This group is very educational and sellers can learn about all sorts of items they have never seen or heard of before.

5. My Repurposed Life. This page has 362,000 likes. The page is run by Gail, who loves to repurpose items and share ideas about how to find new uses for discarded items. This is great information for eBay sellers as it helps resellers understand what raw materials are needed to make cool kitschy items. For example, how to convert old vintage cans into planters or how to make mosaic table tops from old broken plates.

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