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5 Healthy Ideas to Boost Your Sex Drive

How to increase your sex drive the healthy way
How to increase your sex drive the healthy way

It's all too often that with a busy career, a budding family or even just trying to stay on top of the day's work, you're ready to sleep instead of being a sex kitten. But it's a well known fact that people who exercise have better sex lives than those who don't. Here are five ways to drive your sex life into racing gear instead of a downshift.

1) It's not just the pole. Every guy will be excited to just think about his gal pal or spouse taking a Pole dance class. And actually, it's an empowering and tough workout. Kerry Knee, owner of Flirty Girl Fitness, says "Pole Dancing is empowering. It is graceful and helps the women who take the classes at the studio or online feel more confident".

2) Know thyself. Take a lesson in self awareness by taking a yoga or Pilates class. These classes focus on body movements incorporated with breathing techniques that help you connect with your body and inner confidence. Having a better understanding of this connection can relay a more intimate connection in the bedroom as well. Confidence works in the bedroom as noted therapists agree.

3) The Belly Zone. The navel is considered to be one of the sexiest parts of the body and belly dancing not only accentuates this but also helps tone the entire body. Try belly dancing for your fitness regiment to learn moves that you'll want to practice in the bedeau.

4) Foods to get you in the mood. Believe it or not peaches, apricots and raspberries are foods that are thought to resemble a woman's nipple... which make them great food ideas to serve up to your man. While men might prefer eating watching their significant other eating these erotic fruits as a visual stimulation, eating chocolate or drinking red wine and champagne have benefits as well. Chocolate and champagne contain feel-good chemicals phynylethylamine which boost seratonin levels in the brain.This can lead to feelings of euphoria and occurs in higher concentrations when you’re in love.

5) Read all about it. Fifty Shades of Grey wasn't a best seller because of the storyline. Many women loved the book to enhance their own sex life. According to Dr. Wendy Walsh, Sex Therapist, women need more visual stimulation than men and a thousand or so words can really paint a picture.