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5 healthy foods that really aren’t

Homemade grain bread
Homemade grain bread
User: Seemann Source: MorgueFile

Reading food labels can be just as confusing as trying to decide which popular diet or weight loss guru is touting the correct information. The healthiest thing one can do is eat clean and whole foods. When reading a label, pick those food items that have minimal ingredients. Your best bet will always be food from the produce section.

There are some foods that are high on the healthy list, but as weight loss experts dig deeper, some aren’t so healthy after all. When thinking about what to eat, especially when trying to lose weight, eat the best you can. Not everyone can afford organic and many folks rely on the modern convenience of packaged foods. Whatever you are eating is certainly going to be better than carrying the extra weight.

So what’s made the list of the five healthy foods that really aren’t?

1. Whole grains. When it comes to whole grains, especially whole grain breads calories still count. While whole grains are lower glycemic than white, they still have a good amount of calories. Keep your servings in check and seek out those whole grain breads which are lower in calories and are higher in fiber.

2. Fruit juices. Fruit juices are not as good for a body as people think. Some are alright in moderation, but most contain ingredients and chemicals one can’t even pronounce. Any fruit juice drinks that are overly processed, full of sugar and artificial flavors should stay on the shelf.

3. Granola bars and cereals. Many dieters swear by granola and its high fiber content. Granola can be full of nutritional fiber, but the fact remains that majority of these products are overly processed and therefore, full of chemicals and additives. Those seeking a healthier alternative should try steal cut oats or making their own granola bars and cereals out of whole granola and fresh ingredients.

4. Sports drinks. Sports drinks are never a good, healthy, alternative to any drink. These drinks are marketed towards high impact athletes that burn a lot of calories, not your typical healthier eater and dieter. Unless that’s you, these are not a good idea.

5. Organic processed foods. Every type of processed food from ice cream to macaroni and cheese has an organic counterpart. Just because a food manufacturer slaps an organic label on their item doesn’t mean it is better or healthier than its non organic counterpart. Read your labels and know where your food comes from.

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