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5 Headlines That Garnered Superstar Attention—and How YOU Can Write One Too:

5 Headlines That Garnered Superstar Attention
5 Headlines That Garnered Superstar Attention
Nina Matthews Photography

By Susan Harrow

Press release? Complete.

Pitch? All set to go.

Headline? Let’s not even talk about it…..

Business owners across the globe sigh when they hear they have to write a headline—you know, the string of words that goes on top of press releases, newsletters, blog posts + emails.
According to prReach writing a great headline is 70% of writing an effective press release….
Yet writing an impeccable headline can feel like torture for even the most experienced media darlings.

But it doesn’t have to be.

There’s a science behind why particular headlines sell big time and why others washout.

And I’m about to give you that secret magic formula, line-by-line.

I’ve put together a list of some of the latest and greatest recent headlines (from this roundup), to show you why these particular phrases are the best of the best. And how you can create your own “most popular” headlines to get your press releases, blog posts, emails, and e-zines opened, read and shared.

Headline: The Geek Alphabet

This headline is straight and to the point. It automatically makes the reader think, “Am I a geek?” and if so, they instinctively click because chances are, they have to know. The best part about this attention catching one-liner? It gets shared with the reader’s friends via social media making it go inevitably viral.

You try it: The [Group of People] Alphabet

Publication: Yes But No But Yes
Headline: 15 Unintentionally Hilarious Comic Book Panels

Everyone loves a good laugh, but the real money-maker? Things that are laugh out loud hilarious, that weren’t meant to be.

Make your own list of unintentional funnies and watch your audience chuckle from afar.

Insider Tip: Try tying a popular subject into this headline to make it “share worthy” with your readers. The latest season of Game of Thrones, perhaps?

You try it: [Number] Unintentionally Hilarious [Popular Subject Matter]

Publication: Go Fug Yourself
Headline: A Royal Fugging: A Wedding-Live Blog

Well, what immediately captured your attention? Using provocative (note: this doesn’t have be explicit) wording garners clicks from most demographics. Tying it in with a relevant pop culture event? Gold.

You try it: [Pop Culture Event] Were [Provocative Wording] Amazing—and Here’s Why:

Publication: Buzzfeed
Headline: The 24 Best Chat Roulette Screenshots

Chat Roulette?! Screenshots?! The headline automatically pulls the reader in by putting two drama-producing elements together in the same feature. The audience is thinking upon reading the title, “This is going to be great.”

Another win Buzzfeed had with this article? Everybody loves a good round-up post!

You try it: The [Number] [Best/Worst] [Popular Subject Matter] Of All Time

Publication: The Atlantic
Headline: The Odd Lies of Sarah Palin

Why did The Atlantic do it right with this headline? Just look at the popular political candidate’s name to the right. The fact that she could have been caught in a lie, nonetheless numerous ones, is news, making this article the cherry on top of a viral hot fudge sundae.

You try it: The [Adjective] [Noun] of [Political Candidate or Celebrity Name]

For more headline magic, check out 5 secrets that copywriting pros use to create great headlines.

Before you know it, you’ll grasp that creating an astounding headline is a recipe no harder than following the directions on the back of the Bisquick® box.

You just need to follow a basic scientific formula… while tossing in a few extra-delicious descriptions of your choosing.

Happy headlining!

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