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5 green Valentine's Day gifts for green people

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1. Soapy Suds -

Instead of roaming around numerous stores trying to find the one soap brand that is going to feel great on your skin; try exploring A Wild Soap Bar.  This company has been providing naturally made soaps for about nine years.  Their products feature cold pressed olive oil bars that contain wild and organic herbs.  Shop online or visit their store in Denver.  Prices vary.  Use promotion code VAL10 to get 15% off now through 3/31/2010.

2. Dolled Up -

Made from natural and recycled materials, The Earth Friends provides cuddly and lovable dolls for anyone.  Hair of the dolls is made from organic cotton; skin is made from hemp; clothes are made from organic and recycled cotton blends and the stuffing is composed of recycled plastic containers.  The packaging itself has even used the process of the three R’s (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle).  Prices vary.  Use promotion code “greenamerica” for 10% off.

3. Organic Chocolate -

From Ego Express, couples are able to provide their loved ones with healthy organic chocolates.  Their featured monthly item is a box of Hugs & Kisses chocolates shaped like “X’s” and “O’s”.  $35 

4. Wild Side -

The more intimate audience may appreciate this gift of sexual enhancement products.  Each item from Good Clean Love is environmentally friendly and can help increase libido and enhance the overall sexual experience.  Health benefits include: improved heart health and immune system, reduction of chronic pain, less depression and improved self confidence/esteem.  Prices vary.  Use promotion code GAM10 for a discount.

5. Eco-Accessories -

Environmentally friendly jewelry that is made especially in the USA is provided by Sweet Organics and Naturals.  The jewelry is made from recycled or fair trade silver, recycled glass, untreated fair trade beads and semi-precious gem stones.  Pieces come in earthly but colorful designs and can fit in with formal and informal settings. 

Also available from Sweet Organics and Naturals are vintage recycled kimono purses.  The purses are literally made from previously used kimono purses.  Simple, to the point, decently cheap and good for the planet…what more could a girl want?  Prices vary.  Free shipping on orders of $25 or more and buyers will be saving 15% percent until 2/14/2010.  *5% of profits go to no kill animal shelters and Autism charities.