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5 green gifts for foodies

"Foodie Crossing" sign 

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1. Organic Wine Club Membership -

For just $50 per month, you can give your food lover the gift of organic wine tasting.  Organic wines have been previously known to provide “eccentric” tastes but the drinks are much healthier than regular wines.  Organic wines contain little to no sulfites and have no pesticides.  Members of the Organic Wine Company will receive three wines per month (three reds or two reds and one white).  Your wine lover will also be able to judge bouquet, body and finish and compare their findings with other members.

2. Mini Garden Kit - has cleverly come up with a combat product to the Aerogarden.  The product from is simple; it’s a bunch of plastic pots stuck together and stacked upwards.  The pots don’t take up much counter space and can grow up to nine plants at a time.  Herbs, edible and decorative flowers can be easily grown and harvested using this product.  The miniature garden can also be hung from the ceiling and costs about $35.

3. Edible Arrangements - 

People like to receive flowers for Valentine’s Day.  Now, how would they feel receiving fruits that look like a bouquet of flowers but are 100% edible?  Edible Arrangements is a company specializing in piecing together sculpted fruit to resemble a beautiful bouquet but be healthily edible at the same time.  Prices vary.

4. Classic Chocolate - 

Yes, it can be considered one of the oldest gifts since the creation of Valentine’s Day commercialism: a heart shaped box of chocolates.  But, really, think about it; foodies love boxes of varying chocolate every once and awhile. To make the gift slightly more unique than normal, try gifting a box of organic chocolates.  Prices vary.

5. From the Heart: -

No, this title isn’t some clever bit about heart shaped products…it ultimately means that the gift giver can simply cook a simple, but favored meal, for their loved one.  Mac-N-Cheese, a fountain of hot chocolate, a vegetable dish made entirely from the previously mentioned mini garden kit or any delicious meal will surely be appreciated by any food lover.