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5 great skinny cocktails

You can have your cocktails and still watch your weight.
You can have your cocktails and still watch your weight.
(Photo: Magnus D, CC2.0 license)

You started 2011 with a bang, and resolved that this will be the year that you'll go to the gym twice a day, ditch all your 'bad' habits, and trim off that pesky 10 (OK, 20) pounds. Now, two weeks later, you've realized that while all that sounds good, you were not cut out to be a Spartan. You don't want to come home from work and relax with a carrot stick. You want a cocktail.

Not to worry. It's easy to fit an occasional cocktail into your routine without irreparably damaging that 'trim the pounds' resolution. How? First, think 'moderation.' You can't drink two or three cocktails a day every day and expect to cut calories. Second, choose your cocktails carefully and with an eye for damage control. Add these five skinny cocktails to your repertoire and give yourself a treat.

The Bloody Mary - Not only is the Bloody Mary a great classic, it packs a lot of flavor into a small calorie punch. Thanks to its tomato juice base, a Bloody Mary comes in around 250 calories or less. As an added bonus, you can feel virtuous because of the healthy vitamins in the juice.

Casa Noble Skinny Margarita - Just in time to rescue your resolutions, the makers of Casa Noble have created an incredibly simple and delicious Margarita recipe that comes in under 200 calories. Unfortunately for Kansas Citians, Casa Noble is not yet available at local retailers, but you can enjoy it in cocktails at La Fonda El Taquita (800 Southwest Blvd., Kansas City MO).

Island Limeade Cocktail - Halfway through January's cold, a warm tropical beach may sound like a great idea. If that's where your mind is wandering, then the Island Limeade Cocktail is for you. And at around 180 calories, sipping one won't make you bust out of your bikini this summer.

The Greyhound - There's a reason that the Greyhound and its sibling the Salty Dog have been around for years. They're simple and delicious. Even better for the dieter, they come in around 160 calories.

Pomegranate Cosmo - Looking for something a little more modern? Then maybe an update on the traditional Cosmo is for you. It's under 200 calories, and uses uber-healthy pomegranate juice for color and flavor. Admittedly, it's not enough juice to really give any health benefits, but it's the thought that counts, right?


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