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5 great books for entrepreneurs under $5

When starting a business you want to put as much of your available capital as possible into the business. Investing in yourself, therefore, takes a lower priority. The reality is that any successful entrepreneur has found that success through their own skills, talents and education. Many books have been written to help the budding entrepreneur whether they are totally devoted to their startup or if they are simply looking to start a business alongside their professional career. The best news is that these books can be downloaded for under $5 if you have a Kindle or other eBook.

5 great books for entrepreneurs under $5
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Creating New Business Ideas and Opportunities” is from Matt Kinsella's “Real World Business Series”. It is a follow-up to his first book, “How to Be Lucky” in which he shared how he went from a homeless teen to a successful entrepreneur. In this book he shares how he was able to create successful businesses with little or no upfront investment.

Niche Gurus: Priceless Insight from 7 Top Entrepreneurs” offers simple lessons and insight for success from seven successful entrepreneurs. It shows how to adapt a business to current trends.

Secrets of Business Success” is a collection of lessons and insights from people that know how to build businesses. It is a practical tool for any business owner or manager that wants to move to the next level. This book looks at strategic planning, outsourcing, marketing, social media, sales, referral networks and using personal branding to communicate the right message.

How to Become Rich and Successful in 4 Simple Steps” by Jack Sinclair shares lessons he learned in a meeting with Richard Branson. This is a reveal of what it takes to become rich and wealthy with Sinclair’s four simple steps to wealth.

The 8 Pillars of Career and Business Success” by Matt Bishop. It is the story of how Bishop went from an overweight broke unemployed drunk to a successful author and speaker. He identifies eight pillars that support success in business.

If you have Amazon Prime these books can be downloaded from the Amazon library for free.

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