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5 good reasons to air dry your laundry

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We all probably have a few pieces of clothes that don't go in the dryer, but have you considered the benefits of air-drying all of your laundry? It can seem like a hassle when compared to just tossing everything in the dryer, but there are some good reasons why you should, especially in the winter.

1. Reduce static cling. Having a sock fall out of your pant leg halfway through the work day is no way to get ahead. Sometimes, no matter how much softener you use or how many dryer sheets you throw in, your clothes end up crackly and sticking together – especially in dry winter air.

2. Free Humidifier. Moisture evaporating from your clothes will introduce a bit of moisture into the air, without any moldy humidifiers and without using any electricity. Just be sure not to hang your clothes in the bathroom or kitchen which may be too humid already to dry clothes quickly enough.

3. Added Durability. Give your clothes extra life by keeping them out of the dryer. The lint you scrape out of the lint trap after each use of the dryer is little bits of your clothes, gone forever. Line drying keeps your clothes intact, and doesn't agitate buttons, hems, or seams so your clothes last longer.

4. Save Money. Your clothes dryer is No. 3 in the house for energy consumption. You could save at least $100 per year by line drying, more if you have an old dryer, do a lot of laundry, or have to feed quarters to a machine in the basement. Plus, when your dryer is broken or needs a replacement you'll be shelling out hundreds of dollars in repairs or replacement. Superior clothing racks cost between $50 to $100, simple ones are as little as $20.

5. Summer Lovin. When the weather is warmer, hanging clothes outside to dry adds a freshness to your clothes that can never be replicated in the dryer. Bedsheets are the best, there's nothing quite like getting into a bed with fresh sheets from outside on a warm su-ummer night.

Let's Get Real
First, if you have kids there's just no way you're going to hang ALL of your laundry. If you have multiple kids, you'll hang even less. If you have more than 3 kids, you get a pass until the big one is old enough to hang the laundry for you. In other words, it IS a hassle to mess with drying racks in the house and to haul clothes in and out in the summer. You'd have to be pretty committed to the cause to go full-green when it comes to the clothes dryer. But that doesn't mean that you can't commit to ONE load of laundry per week. Pick something easy that takes forever to dry: the towels. You can get the simplest rack or line in the yard and clothespins aren't necessary. Give it a try, you might find yourself using the dryer less and less.

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