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5 gadgets that'll save you at the office

The office is a hotbed of repressed aggression. From time to time, you'll get angry at your boss but know you can never express yourself through an expletive-filled rant about his annoying habits.

Instead of subsidizing your gym membership, ask your boss if he'd be willing to buy you a treadmill desk.
Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images

Thankfully, there's a contraption you can put in your cubicle (a desk-based punching bag) that'll save you from getting fired. Here are five cool gadgets for your cubicle.

1. Desk Punching Bag

You won't need to go to the local gym to vent your frustrations. Just install this mini-punching bag and you're good to go. If only Peter Gibbons from "Office Space" had this, he may not have gotten "a case of the Mondays."

Just closed a sale? Conveniently give your mini-punching bag a fist bump, and you're ready to dial up the next cold call.

2. Lunch App

Tired of debating your officemates where to eat lunch? There's a mobile app to resolve your daily dilemma. What's For Lunch?, available on iPhones and Android, is an app that decides where you and your work friends should get food.

The app will randomly select a restaurant located within 25 miles. Shake your phone like a crystal ball, and in a few seconds, you can tell your co-workers whether the group will have pizza, Italian, vegan, or Chinese, just to name a few possibilities.

The improved efficiency may help you get back to work on time so your boss won't go looking for you.

3. Bouquet

Put a bouquet of flowers near your desk, and you may soon find co-workers randomly dropping by "just to check what you're up to." Their agenda? To glaze over the colorful assortment of flowers that greets them every time they drop by at your desk.

That may be helpful especially if you're trying to spark a conversation with the new receptionist. If you don't have time to regularly go to a flower shop, silk plants can do the trick. They won't need constant maintenance.

4. Treadmill Desk

So your office's new intern just got tuition reimbursement for her summer classes? Instead of subsidizing your gym membership, ask your boss if he'd be willing to buy you a treadmill desk.

Nothing screams an unwavering commitment to fitness better than responding to emails while walking at 4.0 speed and 1.5 elevation. A treadmill desk is time management on steroids.

You won't have to fit Zumba classes into your schedule; just work out during your 9 to 5. Thanks to whoever invented this contraption, there are no more excuses not to get fit, even if you're super busy at work.

5. Laser Keyboard

Want to get rid of your PC's keyboard? For $170, you can use the Cube Laser Virtual Keyboard, which is a wireless device that projects a full-size laser keyboard onto any flat surface. A sensor follows your finger movements as you type. You can even hear artificial tapping noises through a tiny speaker.

But really, a laser keyboard's main purpose is to make your co-workers envious. Bring it to the conference room, and you'll soon develop a reputation as an employee with all the cool gadgets.

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