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5 fun ways to spend a long summer night in front of your computer

Summer Night
Summer Night

Now that the World Cup has ended, it’s the lengthy sweaty summer again, and winter is not coming quite soon. Besides switching TV channels, then watch a show and go to bed early, what other options do we have if we just wish to stay inside? (Unfortunately, write an article like what I’m doing right now is not on the list – it would make things worse.) Well here are some insights on how to have some chilling fun in front of the computer without excessive sweating.

1. Watch a scary movie (no pun intended)

A friend of mine once told me that this is the best way for her to chill out. I was suspicious at first, but hey, it works really well. Simply pick a few from IMDB’s list of horror films, get them from a nearby rental, then lock yourself up in your room, put the disk into the computer and put your noise-canceling headphones on. Enjoy the screams, shrieks and squeals, just don’t wake the neighbors when adding your own.

2. Listen to some (random) music, and sing it out loud

Well it depends on your preference for the level of randomness, and you can always choose to play your favorite CDs if you wish. But for me, I’ll just check out the first channel that comes to my eyes on Youtube. Who knows, your next favorite artist or another “most hated” celebrity on your list might just be around the corner. Don’t forget to sing along or even create your own lyrics to express your love or hate.

3. Play some tabletop-turn-digital games with friends

One might think that it sounds really ancient to play tabletop games in the era of electronic domination, but in fact, many tabletop games have already discovered their new territory by transforming the paper cards, boards and boxes into digital content - and it’s so much fun if you give it a go. Recall the good old days of playing Magic: The Gathering on paper by playing one of its digital versions, or gather fields and followers in Carcassonne, and the hours will easily slip away.

4. Discover new cocktail recipes

It doesn’t have to be a Martini, a Daiquiri or a Bloody Mary all the time. Websites like have an almost endless list of cocktail recipes for you to try, and you will always be inspired to create your own new drinks when mixing stuff. Just make sure you aren’t a victim of serious hangover before doing so.

5. Have a nice virtual trip around the world

With handy tools like Google Maps and Street View, traveling virtually has never been easier. One of my little secret guilty pleasures is to browse on the internet the most beautiful hotels in the world, and imagine myself enjoying the scenery. And I turned out to be lying on the beach of a luxurious resort in Maldives, tasting wagyu in Tokyo, and overlooking the Thames in a restaurant in London. Warning: you may end up planning your next trip in reality and spending more bucks than you intended to, so skip this if your budget is tight!

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