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5 fun water activities for kids

Activities for kids
Activities for kids
Photo by Lintao Zhang/Getty Images

Something as simple as water can be very entertaining for kids; most kids enjoy playing in water but sometimes kids need direction, even in water. Kids are thrilled when they have fun water activities to do and there are water games for kids that can be learned quickly and are easy to play.

Here you will find five fun water activities for kids.

Water balloon toss

This water game for kids is almost identical to the game hot potato except instead of a potato, a balloon filled with water is used. Kids can stand in a circle in the water and kids pass the balloon around to the next person until the music stops. Whoever is left holding the balloon when the music stops steps out of the game; the last person remaining in the water is the winner.

Coin drop and dive

This simple water game for kids is so much fun and many adults also enjoy it. It's a great water activity for the pool. Simply drop a coin and wait until the coin hits the bottom of the pool and everyone dives down to retrieve the coin. The player who retrieves the coin first is the winner and the winner gets to toss the coin into the water on the next play.

Ping pong ball toss

This water game for kids is perfect for two players or more; each player holds a plastic cup that is large enough to hold a ping pong ball. The ping pong ball is tossed back and forth between players but only the cups are used to throw and catch the ping pong balls. Hands hold the cup but hands are not allowed to be used for throwing or catching the ping pong balls.

Ice cube grab

This is one of my favorite water activities for kids and it can be played in the water or out of water. It is a perfect water game for a really hot day. Players stand in a circle and pass an ice cube around the circle, but as the ice cube is passed, each player gets to keep the ice cube in their hands for 30 seconds, rubbing their hands on the ice cube and trying to melt it. The player who ends up dissolving the ice cube completely is the winner.

Whirlpool spin

I know the whirlpool is a water game that has been around for a long time, but I still think it is one of the most fun water activities to do in a pool. One player or more simply starts walking around in the pool in circle until the pool water makes a whirlpool effect. Eventually all players can lift their legs and spin along with the water. This water game is great fun and so easy to do.

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