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5 fun Valentine's Day outdoor activities for kids

Valentines Day activities
Valentines Day activities
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Whether you live in a cold climate or warm climate, finding fun and exciting Valentine's Day outdoor activities for kids is easy to do. Kids love to play outside and there are Valentine's Day themed activities that can be played on the special day, plus the concept of themed activities are really exciting for kids.

Not only do kids find Valentine's Day outdoor activities exciting, but it is also a healthy way to celebrate this special day. Kids learn quickly that although eating Valentine's Day candy is fun, physical activities can also be a rewarding way to celebrate Valentine's Day.

Here you will find five fun and simple Valentine's Day activities for kids that are perfect for the outdoors.

Heart relay race

This is a really simple outdoor activity for kids and kids absolutely love doing this activity. Set up kids in a relay format just as you would do in a track event. Placing teams of 3 or 4 children in a vertical line evenly spaced apart. Give the starting runner a construction paper heart and he or she will pass off the heart to the next team member, each person will run and pass the heart off to the next person waiting. Teams of children can race against each other or if there are only 3 or 4 kids total, the team can race against itself for fastest time.

Heart hopscotch

Hopscotch is an activity that is endearing and once kids understand how to play it, they really enjoy the activity. As a classroom teacher, I loved teaching my kids how to play hopscotch because it is activity that kids can do by themselves, it is easy to set up and it gets kids moving. On Valentine's Day, I would draw hearts around the numbers on the hopscotch board and something as simple adding hearts to the hopscotch board made the children very excited to play the game and it made the game feel very festive.

Heart target

This is another really easy and exciting Valentine's Day outdoor activity I would do with my classroom students on the special day. Take a jump rope and lay it on the ground in the shape of a heart, then your preference of the distance away, lay another jump rope for the throwing line. Kids take small bean bags that most gym teachers can provide or can be purchased at discount stores and stand at the throw line and try to land the bean bag inside the heart shape. This is a really exciting outdoor activity for classroom use or home use.

Red Frisbee fun

Something as simple as a red Frisbees thrown between friends can make a day feel extra special. Kids can throw Frisbees outside in pairs or multiple combinations and Frisbee throwing is great exercise and it helps with the large motor skills.

Red ball marble game

At the school I was teaching at we had a lot of red kick balls for lunch recess, so this Valentine's Day activity was so easy to set up. Simply draw a large circle or heart on the pavement, and then place red balls in the center of circle or heart and a child can stand outside of the chalk circle or heart and with a red ball in hand, throw the ball and try to knock out as many of the red balls as possible. The thrower gets to keep the balls that he or she knocked out of the circle or heart. The player with the most red balls, wins!

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