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5 fun uses for a tiny house in the garden

Wouldn't this house make a lovely writing retreat?
Wouldn't this house make a lovely writing retreat?
Wikimedia Commons Public Domain

I absolutely adore tiny houses. So much so, that I've been debating adding one to my outdoor garden. I could tuck it away in a back corner or use it as a centerpiece. I could place it right smack in the middle of the yard. I can just picture the cute little winding path leading to the door. Maybe I could read on a tiny bench in front of my miniature house. Wouldn't that be fun? But what would I use my tiny garden house for? I have a few great ideas.

How about a tiny house office?

I spend so much time in the garden. Maybe I should move my office out there. I can't think of a better use for a tiny house than my own little writing spot. I could hang portraits of famous writers up, fill it with books and hunker down for a while. Maybe I could even build a little porch to sit on. You know, mix a little fresh air and sunshine into my work.

Do you work at home?

Would a tiny house suit your job?

A tiny house could serve as a garden planning zone.

Why stop at a tool house or shed? A tiny house in the garden could serve multiple purposes. It could be a greenhouse, tool depository and a place to plan the garden all in one. With all the conveniences of a home, I could plan and plot into the wee hours. Heck, I might even sleep out there occasionally if I get tired.

What's your favorite hobby?

Could you do it in a tiny house?

A tiny house makes a cool summer retreat.

Maybe I could use it to “camp out” in during the hot season. It could be the perfect open air escape from the big house if it were planned carefully. Windows on all sides would create a plentiful cross breeze. I'd have all the comforts of home without the stuffy interior. It would be my little vacation getaway.

Got air conditioning?

If not, a tiny house could be your heat retreat too.

I could reserve the tiny garden house for guests.

Why not give guests their own private tiny house cottage? It would make a perfect scenic vacation spot, surrounded by beautiful flowers and ripe veggies. I'm picturing pretty blue and white flowered bed linens and minty chocolates on the pillows. Maybe if they had a cute tiny house to stay in, family would visit more often.

How about those hormonal teens?

Maybe a tiny house could be their escape home away from home.

How about a tiny home-school house?

My oldest granddaughter is home-schooled. Sometimes she comes to spend the day with me. That way, we get to visit in between her home-school studies and my articles. I'm sure she would love a peaceful study spot outdoors. Of course, she's off school in the summer, but on warm spring and fall days, a tiny house would be the ideal place for her to work.

Got younger kids underfoot in the garden?

They might like a teeny tiny house playhouse.

Note: This article was previously published by this author on a now closed Yahoo property.

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