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5 Fun things to do with your family part-2: Getting outdoors when the heat rises

Outdoor fun doesn't have to be hot.
Outdoor fun doesn't have to be hot.
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Families often love the hot weather for fun because they love soaking it up outside. If your family is one of these, you'll want to be sure not to miss any of these 5 things to have fun doing with your family this year. Along with ideas for fun are the possible pitfalls. All of these will be brought out, so let's get started.

  1. Camping is probably one of the first outdoor activities families think of when it gets hot outside. Although it can be uncomfortable if humid or raining or if the bugs are particularly bad this year, if your family has what it takes it can be the most fun. Fill your days with lazy does it hammock sessions or hit the trails or back woods and hike and explore. Roast hot dogs and marshmallows over a campfire and tell jokes or scary stories and make memories that never die. However, if you have family members who are not very mobile because of age or an illness, you will have to decide if you can help them enough for it to be fun for them. Also, young children may pose problems if they require too much attention at their current age. Many families go with infants all the way to college age children in tow. If camping is the life for you, just be sure to include the right balance between creature comforts and roughing it. Make sure everyone is in good health. A person suffering a cold or flu would be pretty miserable in the back woods. Use good judgment in deciding if camping is the heat lover's paradise or not.
  2. Go to your favorite swimming hole. Now, how remote you pick is up to you. The city pool may be as far removed as you desire, but if you do choose that wild body of water, keep in mind dangers that can kill you. If anyone in your family has a cut, they shouldn't swim in a lake or pond. There are bacteria that can get in the wound and kill the person infected. Then there is the issue of how many members of your family can swim? If none then this one would be out unless you just like to get a tan. That can be an activity all it's own for those who love the sun and warmer days. Maybe the beach is the paradise for you. Wherever you go, just be sure to make it a fun experience that lasts past the morning of the outing. Dealing with sunburn for a week may make the memory have a slight reddish stain on it next go around.
  3. Go fishing. This is a family fun experience that gets into your blood. Whether you have yearlong passes or just for the day, make it count. You may find you have to hit the shade tree in the hottest part of the day, however. The downsides are inexperience. If no one has ever fished in your family take it slow, or someone could go home with a hook in their finger. Also, make sure it suits your clan. Is everyone grossed out by earthworms? Can everyone stand on the slanted bank of the river? Are there small children in the family? All these things have to be weighed, but if you choose fishing, it can be great fun.
  4. Go to an amusement park. Yes these places are hot, hot, hot in the Summer months, but for those who love it hot, it is a great way to have tons of family fun. The negatives are expense, which includes limited choices on food and drink. If you have people with special food requirements, you may have to make arrangements to bring your own lunch. That is a hassle you have to decide to take on because you have to get permission from the park as well. Are your children big enough to ride the rides? Is everyone healthy enough to deal with six roller coasters? The good thing is there are always easy things for those family members who have health problems to do if they are able to withstand the crowds, heat and long day. Every family should try it once.
  5. Visit a park. If there is a good park near you, be sure to check it out. It may be a city park, state park or national park. Most are free, but sometimes there is a fee to enter. If a fee is a problem for your family then it is wise to check around for a free park. You may have to drive to the next town, but the joy your family can get from going to a park has lasting rewards. Again, health issues have to be taken into consideration, but age usually isn't a problem for people when it comes to going to a park. Perhaps only half of your gang wants or can climb to the summit of that high hill or take that five mile hike; however, there usually are a number of things to do at any given park. Some seem only for little kids, but just look around. There are probably little paths, a bench, possibly a creek and nearly all parks have a picnic table. So, be sure to pack a cooler, take a blanket if you need to, bring something to toss like a baseball or Frisbee and never be without fun to be had by all. Find a favorite park and it will be a place of family traditions for generations to come. Have that birthday party or that 50th anniversary celebration there or even a wedding. Your options for family fun at a park are truly endless.

If the heat is only half of your families personality, maybe you enjoy staying indoors when it's hot as well. Whatever you like, be sure to make this Summer a time to remember. Don't let the time go by, get out there and have some family fun.


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