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5 fun and exciting Super Bowl activities for kids

Super Bowl
Super Bowl
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The day of the Super Bowl is a great day to have friends over, watch the big game, eat food, party and just have a great time. Although adults enjoy watching the football game, kids may not be as interested in the game and may need something fun to do on the day of the Super Bowl. I have found from my previous Super Bowl parties that providing pre-planned Super Bowl activities for the kids makes the day run smoother for everyone at the party.

If you are planning to host a Super Bowl party, it is a great idea to have Super Bowl activities planned for the kids so that the children are entertained and happy. Plus if the kids give their parents a break, the parents will be able to enjoy the Super Bowl game even more!

Decorate football cookies

Kids always love doing hands on activities and incorporating eating activities is an added bonus. As a teacher I would often provide cookie decorating activities for my students at the holiday classroom parties, and cookie decorating was always a favorite of my students. This simple Super Bowl activity for kids is so easy to prepare, fun to do and will keep the kids busy for an extended amount of time. Bake or purchase football shaped sugar type cookies, then set out cans of frosting or homemade frosting, offer sprinkles and anything else you can find in the baking section of your local grocery store. Allow kids to frost their football cookies; decorate the cookies in any manner they choose and the best part is the kids get to eat their cookie when they are done decorating it.

Football bingo

Kids love the game of bingo and bingo is one of the easiest games to prepare and set up, plus it is a low cost way to provide an entertaining Super Bowl activity for kids. Free printable football bingo cards can be obtained online, the football cards can be printed with words for older kids and pictures for the younger kids. Bingo markers could be football shaped candies, peanuts or any other type of fun item that children would enjoy. Be sure to laminate the football bingo cards to reduce wear and tear, the bingo cards can also be reused at the next Super bowl party.

Balloon football toss

This is a great indoor Super Bowl games for kids to play; it entails using a brown balloon and playing in pairs. Each player tosses or taps the balloon to their partner without letting the balloon touch the ground, each player is allowed only one toss or tap to get the balloon to their partner. Make sure to move furniture or anything else out of the way to make the Super Bowl game safe to play.

Football word searches, crossword puzzles and coloring sheets

There are many sites online that offer free printable football themed word searches, crossword puzzles and coloring pages. Printing a batch of these freebies are great to place on a table along with crayons and coloring pencils. Kids can go to the table for creative and fun Super Bowl activities and be able to entertain themselves for an extended period of time.

Blank football books

I have always found blank book shapes so easy to make; it is an educational way to allow children to share their thoughts in written and visual form. It is simple to make football books for kids to write stories and illustrate in by taking a stack of approximately 5-10 pieces of white blank paper and cutting out a large football shape, then attach the papers together using a stapler. Give kids pencils, crayons, markers and coloring pencils so that they can write a story in their blank football book and illustrate.

Although the highlight of the Super Bowl is to watch a great football game, it is also a time to share good times with friends and family. Keeping everyone happy at the Super Bowl party is important and making sure the kids are happy ensures that everyone is happy!

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