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5 Food apps that help make going vegetarian super easy

There is nothing worse than being a vegetarian while you’re out and about and being… hungry. Fast food is just not an option. Thanks to modern technology, being a vegetarian has never been easier. We can no longer use “lack of options” as an excuse for our incapacity to maintain a vegetarian lifestyle.

Most apps are GPS-based, so no matter where we are, a multitude of healthy choices are nearby. These databases full of vegetarian-friendly restaurants, farmer’s markets, seasonal produce and delicious recipes; not to mention educational insights. You can even create and customize grocery lists for recipes found on the apps.
No more excuses. Let the food journey begin. Whether you are home, on a lunch break at work, vacation or just out and about; these apps put a variety of delectable vegetarian options at your fingertips.

Food Tripping

If you are on the go, a quick “vegetarian” search and you get a lay of the land for restaurants and food options nearby. Categories include: Vegetarian, Vegan, Farmer’s Markets, Food Markets and Juice Joints. I like that you can visit a restaurant’s website within the app. You can call, check-in, like and share; but be sure to “suggest” your favorites. It’s a quick and easy way to let others know about your favorite “veggie” spots.

Garden Plate

This clean and simple photo-centric app puts the “porn” in “veggie food porn.” Mouth-watering images of healthy food abound; complete with ingredient details and recipes. Categories include: vegan, gluten-free, raw, salad, snack and side dishes. A quick “click” and you can create a shopping list of the ingredients. A limited number of recipes are free and you can unlock more with a premium subscription.

Food Spotting

This app is not vegetarian specific, but again, a quick search for “vegetarian” and you are knee-deep in salivation. I like that you can search for friends and share dishes and locations. You can “want,” “try” or “love” anything that catches your eye. Click on a dish and the restaurant’s information comes up, along with Yelp® reviews. You can also take pictures and upload your own favorites.


Farmer’s Markets abound with Farmstand. Whether you are home or on vacation anywhere in United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia or New Zealand; Farmstand will guide you to the closest Farmer’s Market, chock full of locally sourced food. In their own words, “We want to make it easy to eat local, prevent food waste, and get food to those in need, no matter where you are.”

Non-GMO Project Shopping Guide

Make grocery shopping a whole lot easier and quickly find out which products contain GMO. A comprehensive list of verified NON-GMO brands and their products. It also has a list of GMO ingredients and crops with tips on how to avoid them.

Got a favorite app that helps make being a vegetarian on-the-go easier? Share it here.

Being a vegetarian is a lifestyle. It is a harmonic balance between your mind, body and soul that gives rise to an appetite for life. Got a favorite vegetarian restaurant or recipe? Who’s your favorite vegetarian or farm-to-table chef? Share it here. The Vegetarian Aficionado™ is a bountiful well of information, entertainment and inspiration for all things vegetarian. For fresh, clean and mouth-watering vegetarian recipes and insights, check out the online magazine, The Vegetarian Aficionado.

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