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5 fashion Do’s and Don’ts for 2014

5 fashion Do’s and Don’ts for 2014-slide0

Fashion is an important part our lives and we follow trends blindly, without considering whether the particular look will suit us. Sometimes we follow trends that are end up making us look bad, but we don’t mind as long as we are following the ‘fashionable’. There are some Fashion Do’s and Don’ts for 2014

Do’s During 2014


Jumpsuits have been a big thing in 2014. Everyone has worn these with variations. Those who like wearing layers, jumpsuits have been worn with shrugs or scarves – giving movement and flowing cuts complimenting the figure. Others have used different jewelry to adorn their jumpsuits. Different cuts have also been quite in for jumpsuits depending on the shape of the body - from body-hugging to flowing and loose cuts, while others like Kim Kardashian have worn jumpsuits/hot pants and looked extremely stunning.

Pink Power

Pink power was the theme for fall. Powder pink was predicted to be the color of fall this year. Powder pink women dresses, shirts and pants were a big thing, but coats were also quite popular, whether in full-length, waist-length coats or sweaters. However, powder pink bags and clutches, shoes and even sneakers were quite popular during the fall, as were eyeglass frames and even nail polish as well.

Radical Hairstyles

Basically 2014 was an interesting year for hairstyles from the bob and pixie crop, which were quite popular hair styles during 2014 making one look younger and carefree; shoulder length and even longer hair as well as soft curls were also quite popular.

A shoe for every season

As far as footwear is concerned, all kinds of shoes have been in throughout the year only changing with the season. For the warmer months, heels, wedges, flats, and in the colder months, boots and booties were all the rage – knee-length, ankle boots, laces and zippers; tans, suede and animal prints everything was worn.

Go bold with checks

Classic and bold prints, especially the classic black and white prints were a good choice this year. Elegant and chic checks gave outfits a nice feel, while nice bold prints give the wearer a nice fresh look. Another great way to wear bold prints as seen in 2014 was to mix and match bold prints and colors – giving the outfit an exciting look.

Don'ts During 2014


Although jumpsuits have been quite popular in 2014, but there have been some who have made these look worse than the workman jumpsuits. Vertical pinstripes in jumpsuits did not work because they ending making the wearer look like a prisoner.

Uncomfortable Shoes

Don’t wear uncomfortable shoes, especially heels. One of the worst shoes that came out in 2014 is the six-inch platform, which made the wearer looking uncomfortable as if they were struggling to walk. These shoes didn’t add any elegance to the wearer and didn’t look too hot either.

Match your skin color

Don’t just use any foundation on your skin, always try to get the foundation that matches your skin color so that your face and neck look natural and are of the same color. If you use the wrong foundation, your makeup will make you look like a pastry. So avoid the wrong foundation.

Sheer leggings with short tops

Don’t wear sheer leggings with short tops. This was one mistake that many made. Sheer leggings look great with longer tops and even allow you to look sexy; otherwise you end up looking weird. No, sheer leggings will not make you look elegant; on the contrary you will probably look completely opposite. Suggestion, get longer tops to wear on your leggings, and then you can carry them with style.

Although mixing bold prints and color is a great thing, one thing that was not encouraged is using clashing colors and prints, or you will end up looking confused. And that is a no-no.

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