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5 Facts That Clarify You Are a Boss!!

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Some of us are hiding behind comfort, lack of self-confidence and fear. In essence, greatness and success greets us daily. We see it, but ignore it. Life is limited with time. If you don't make a move, you will never know the results of who or what you can become. Listed below are 5 facts to clarify the notion that you are missing your calling. Let me know if you fall into any of those categories.

1. You always find a better way to do things. No one does it like you. The best effort can seem like the worst until you get your hands on it. When you touch it, it turns platinum. Everyone knows it, except you.

2. You don't mind helping others. A helper is filled with patience, guidance and lack of self. Giving to others is what makes you feel successful. You find ways to help people no matter your sacrifices. It's in your DNA and you don't feel complete unless you have helped somebody.

3. You are always the last one to leave. If it's not done to your specifications, you are going to make certain it is. Even if it means burning more oil than you entered the door with. Why? You don't like nothing attached to your name if it's not right. Perfection is your last name.

4. People come to you for advice, issues and complaints.. Where is the supervisor you might ask? Know one cares because they feel comfortable with your answer and your leadership. You make it just right with no stress, hassle or confusion.

5. Upper management never bothers you, nor do they have an issue with how you do things. Others may get slapped on the hand or even reprimanded for a small mistake, but you can do it and nothing happens. Why? They trust that you will not do anything to jeopardize the company. They trust you and appreciate what you are to the company. Even if know one has ever said it.

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