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5 essential tips to gain muscle

bodybuilder lifting weights
bodybuilder lifting weights
Photo by Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images

Building muscle mass is a hard and vigorous task, with the proper knowledge on building muscle can put you on the path to success. There are many things that stop most people from gaining muscle. But, to realize our goals, we have to dedicate ourselves to our goals, if we want to achieve them. We get inspired by the people physiques we see in fitness magazines, not understanding the dedication that it toke for them to get there. Know that gaining muscle doesn't come over night. Here are some tips to get you started on the right path to gaining muscle you want.

#1 Weight training

Weight training is absolutely a no brainer for building a lean, muscles. Without resistance how can you grow. I believe there are some gifted individuals who naturally have unbelievable genetics without much weight training at all. Weight training tasks your neuromuscular system- (nerves/muscles). These systems are the reason you gain muscle by strengthening your connection. Your neuromuscular system controls your movements which allows you to move the weights up and down to create flexion and extension. The more weight you weight train, the more it will stimulate the systems to strengthen the connections. Overtime, you will be become stronger and lift more weight as a result. Lifting weights will cause you to tear down muscle fibers and when the fibers heal and rest, they will recover and get bigger and stronger.

#2 Eating clean

Eating clean is the most important thing you will need to focus on when striving to building muscle. You can't build muscle off junk. Good foods will give you the foundation for your muscles to grow. Eating balanced meals with enough macronutrients (protein, carbohydrates, fat) every three hours throughout the day is critical to providing the calories and nutrients your body needs to train hard and recover. Take the time to cook and prepare your meals ahead of time. This means taking responsibility for both your time and for yourself to get it done. Don't waste your hard earned hours in the gym by eating junk or skipping meals. Your diet will make or break your muscle gain.

#3 Sleep

Without getting sleep don't expect to build you're working against growth. You will not recover and grow optimally, and issues could easily develop from the lack of rest. During sleep your body reset, and processes information. If you don't shut down you will crash. Sleep is a big part of the regeneration process within your muscles. The more sleep you get the less stress you will have. Stress releases a catabolic hormone called cortisol which can lead to muscle wasting. This can cause your body to actually break down muscle versus building it up.

#4 Water

Your body including muscles are mostly made up of water. water is another critical thing your body needs to get great results. Your body is made up of over 70% water. This helps your blood stay clean and energized. Water helps control the delicate balance of concentrations within the muscle cells. The lack of water (dehydration) is one of the main causes of degeneration of muscle. Think of water as key component to gain muscle.

#5 Dedication

If it's muscle you want is hard work you will have to endure. Your hard work will require dedication. Without being dedicated you will surely fail. This what make us go, If you have it in you. Be self motivated by setting a plan and following through with actions is dedication. Make it a habit of finishing what you have started. Be dedicated!

These are my 5 tips to gaining muscle.

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