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5 environmental groups for the lonely environmental Houstonians

Gloria in Houston
Photo taken by Gloria Campos-Hensley

Green living Houstonians should not have to feel isolated in their green living efforts. Houston has a large number of environmental groups to join. A short list of some of these environmental groups accessible to the Houston public is provided below.

1. The Houston Simplicity Circle at
Topics in this Meetup group range from, frugal and simple living to living in a green home and recycling. Their most recent meetup even was at the Houston Arboretum on Dec 6 2009. For more information about this group and when or where they meet Houstonians can visit The Houston Simplicity Circle meetup site.

2. Freecycle in Houston
Houstonians who wish to get rid of their used items, but not throw them away can log onto the freecycle website, join a local (Houston) freecycle community and offer their free unwanted but still useable items. In addition to giving away used items Houstonians can receive free used items in return from fellow freecyclers. With freecycle Houstonians can save money as well as keep used, but still very functional items out of the landfills.

3. Mothers For Clean Air
Mothers, parents, grandparents, or any Houstonian who wishes to help clean Houston’s air can join Mothers For Clean Air- a non-profit, membership organization concerned with air pollution in the Houston-Galveston area. More information about this organization can be found at They can also be contacted by mail at 3100 Richmond Ave Ste 309, Houston, TX 77098 or by phone at (713) 526-0110.

4. Houston Plant Exchange from Yahoo Groups
The Houston Plant Exchange is a great place for gardeners to go when they are in need of improving their garden, have gardening question or wish to share their gardening ideas, supplies or harvest. The main goal for this group is to allow members to join and “Come here to find or give plants, cuttings, seedlings, houseplants, flowers, fruits, vegetables, trees, etc.” Anyone who wants to join this Houston gardening community can visit and join the Houston Plant Exchange in Yahoo Groups.

5. Trees For Houston
Trees For Houston is responsible for planting 363,328 trees in Houston since 1983. There mission is to “plant, promote and protect trees all over the greater Houston area” and they have done so with great success. Their annual Root Ball "La Noche de los Arboles" even will be held on April 8, 2010. More information on this organization can be found on line at They can also be contacted by mail at 4550 Post Oak Place Drive, Suite 310, Houston, TX 77027 or by phone at (713) 840-8733

To find more environmental groups and or organizations in Houston a simple search online will display a page full of groups and organizations devoted to living green.