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5 easy ways to increase your Easter sales

The Easter holiday is fast approaching. Before April 20th, there are five simple and terrific ways to reinforce your marketing efforts. While most retailers have already erected Easter displays, there are some great money-generating, customer-friendly Easter sales tools that every retailer should have under their belt. Here are 5 tips to ensuring record breaking Easter sales in 2014:

1.) Diversify your display cases and merchandise. Keep your Easter shoppers in your shop by diversifying marketing displays, ensuring an attractive presentation for everyone. Keep displays useful, versatile, colorful and aesthetically pleasing. Because everyone does not recognize the Easter holiday, be sure to keep your Easter display concentrated in part of your shop to prevent alienation.

2.) Create and maintain a fun, family-friendly atmosphere that can be easily modified. While many shoppers will be shopping for the children, some will surely be accompanied by them. Ensure your store accommodates adults by offering children’s entertainment. Use televisions for diverse viewership (change stations or DVDs to accommodate your audience). Utilize a room or area for children’s care while parents shop. Provide entertainment such as video games, crayons and coloring books, puzzles, and other time consuming toys to allow parents to shop in peace. Note: avoid messy activities. A great idea: story reading for children. This adds a personable and enjoyable experience for children who will certainly share their jubilee with parents.

3.) Offer special deals or promotions to stimulate the interest of Easter shoppers. Try a drawing for a lavishly designed Easter basket, or other store-offered prize. Ask for names, phone numbers, addresses and e-mail addresses on contest entry forms to acquire information for your mailing lists. Be sure to have a viable opt out program. A fun idea: involve every shopper in a blind drawing game whereby they choose a slip of paper allowing an instant discount, prize or other novelty.

4.) Help your shoppers assemble the perfect Easter gifts. Get to know your shoppers by making gentle inquiries about what type of shopping they need assistance with. If you are genuinely interested in your customer’s shopping experience, they will reciprocate with responsiveness. Have ready-made Easter baskets for children of both genders and differing age groups. Offer quick, elegant Easter basket shrink-wrapping. Remember to ensure every customer leaves with a reason to come back, such as a coupon, brochure, future promotion information or contest entry. Grocery store owners can facilitate Easter meal preparation by offering recipe ideas and grouping Easter meal ingredients.

5.) Provide Easter gift ideas for adults. Jewelry, lingerie, spa amenities, candy and other items for women should be prominently exhibited and marketed as Easter gift ideas. Do the same with Easter gift ideas for men; Try displays that include items such as men’s cologne, electric shavers, and electronics along with items such as tools, outdoor equipment, and sports paraphernalia. Retailers that offer adult entertainment, make sure you have testers at the ready and personnel ready to make your shoppers feel comfortable.

Keeping shoppers in your store for lengthy periods will assist you with three important facets of your marketing effort: ensuring purchases, gaining return customers and obtaining referrals. The better the experience you create for your Easter shoppers, the more likely you will have recurring purchases from new and returning customers. If accomplished appropriately, Easter marketing can create genuine return customers who will fondly remember you as a friend rather than a retailer.

Dawn Henderson, Owner/Writer-RolandWrite Copywriting Services:

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